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Shoe sizes today                  

                                    September 2010  


Shoe sizes today

shoesMany of us will remember high street shoe shops where you could stand on a special machine, tuck your feet under a small unit, and an xray of your bones and the surrounding shoe would appear on a screen. In those days obtaining the correct fit, especially for children, was paramount.

Tales still abounded of young Chinese girls having their feet bound so they couldn’t grow, and other frightening tales of damage done to feet. What was not known in those days was the potential danger of too many xrays and this practice soon stopped once the dangers had been identified.

The need for good fitting shoes for all ages continues; badly fitting shoes can cause serious damage to feet by compressing bones or not giving adequate support. We all know as well the pain that can be caused by ill fitting shoes that rub on the heel as we walk. One mistake most people make is that they assume their feet will be precisely the same size as they were when they were 18. Feet change shape as well as size over the years and it is well worth getting your feet checked at a good shoe shop every few years.

The normal way to do this is to place a bare foot flat down on the special measuring tray which is covered with lines and figures to give you your foot size and width. widthis just as important as length; wide shoes will simply not give the support needed on a narrow foot and conversely too narrow a fitting will damage wide feet.

Interesting, there have been recent reports that feet are getting bigger. Today most shops will regularly stock – and sell – size 9 shoes for women and size 12 shoes for men and some shops are reporting a vast increase in men demanding size 13s and 14s. Many celebrities today show that larger feet are becoming the norm; Kate Silverton, Kate Winslet, Paris Hilton and Nicole Kidman, for instance, all take size 9 in shoes.

But it is not only in length that feet sizes are increasing. Shoes are also in demand in EE and extra wide fittings now and one reason for this, according to an American podiatrist, is that many of us weigh a little more than we should. Because of that, we are placing more pressure on our feet when we stand and walk, and this causes the feet to splay or stretch out. Over time, the feet stop bouncing back to their normal shape and their shape eventually becomes wider.

Ageing can also be involved in causing feet to become wider because of a weakening in ligaments and soft tissue.

The good thing today is that shoes are being made in larger lengths and widths to accommodate the new trend. If you can’t find what you want at your local shoe shops, then there are a number of online sites including those specialising in larger shoe sizes. But before you order on line, do go to a shop and check your size; and also be aware that not all size 7s for instance are exactly the same and can vary quite a bit according to the manufacturer and also the style of the shoe.



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