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Skin - the new cosmetic for women             November 2008

Skin – the new cosmetic for women

Skin - the new cosmetic for womenIn the 1920s, the infant cosmetic industry was little more than a choice of colour in powder and lipstick. Over the decades it has grown up into a major global industry and most of us have spent our lives being bombarded about the benefits of various different brands and their wide ranges of foundations, powders and colours that can make us look fantastic.

It has been fun and we women have had a good time as we have progressed through different types of creams, shades and styles.

Now there is a third major step taking place in the industry – achieving stunningly beautiful naturally radiant skin enhanced by pharmaceutically developed rather than cosmetic products. This must surely be the most exciting and beneficial development of all.

The change has developed from enormous progress that is being made in technology and equipment – things like laser and ipl treatments; injectables and skin fillers.

The old jokes about “face lifts” still linger on, but things have changed dramatically in recent years. At the moment these developments are still considered quite new, and there have been one or two early hiccups accompanied by bad press, but now it is all coming together. In a few years popping down the high street to have those lines or age spots removed will be as normal as popping into Boots to buy some body lotion or face cream.

There has been a host of serious medical and health studies on the new treatments and there is a tremendous amount of good news for people who want to look as young and healthy as they can. Recent research from the University of Michigan says facial wrinkles can be reduced by almost half with laser surgery; ipl has been proven to work wonders on red facial veins and skin blemishes; skin fillers are a simple non-surgical answer to diminishing those lines…and so it goes on.

Once you know a bit more about it all, it begins to make sense. For instance, many of us get unsightly little red lines on our cheeks or nose as we get older; often caused by broken veins or blood vessels just below the surface of the skin.  IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments release strong pulses of filtered light that precisely target these vessels, heating them to a point where they are destroyed and then re-absorbed back into the body.  This leaves little or no trace of the broken vein and you are left with a clear, blemish-free skin. A quick and simple procedure.

These new treatments are all a bit daunting as there is a whole new language to learn here – glycolic and salicylic skin peels; alkaline washes; NdYAG treatments – but no doubt the next generation will be chatting about their latest ipl treatment as we might discuss a new shade in eye shadow.

On October 30th the first Destination Skin clinic opened at the new Westfield Shopping Centre in London. These clinics are opening up right across the UK, some in House of Fraser department stores and some in individual high street clinics. They are leading the way but other brands and other clinics are also opening or under development across the country, confirming this new step in beauty treatment is here to stay.

Along with all this new technology, there is a host of new products that are turning the whole cosmetic industry on its head.

Have you heard of the pharmaceutical developed SkinMedica range of skin products? Or the health based skin brand SkinCeutical, or the award winning dermaceutical SKINN range? These will gradually become major names in the high street along with those traditional cosmetic brands you find on the cosmetic floors of the big department stores. Destination Skin offer all these and more – they say the Manceuticals range offers a bridge between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to offer an alternative to cosmetic surgery; Dr. Howard Murad’s skin products are based on natural water principles; and the MD Skincare range by Dr Dennis Gross creates symbiotic benefits from the best from nature and modern science. There is even an exciting new Lycogel brand which has a number of benefits including increasing vital oxygen supply to the skin.

At the moment some of these treatments are quite expensive, but as with many new developments, costs should come down as these new beauty treatments become more established and accepted.



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