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You can do IT in later life
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You can do IT


You can do IT is a regular feature of aimed at trying to help laterlife visitors make the most of Information Technology on or off the web. 

Jackie Sherman who runs the You can do IT Question & Answer section is an IT trainer and author. Jackie has spent her career in education and specialises in teaching IT to adults. Her courses for adults include such topics as MS Office, the Internet, e-mail and basic web page authoring.  

Jackie has also written several books - you can find more details about these by clicking here. Jackie has also been running a course specifically for over 50s.

 Here via the index you can view the articles from previous editions. 

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Read Jackie's books:

Getting the most from your computer


Getting the most from your computer



Amazon book - Basic computer skills made simple


Basic Computer Skills Made Simple  




Amazon Book: Everyday Computer Activities

Everyday Computer Activities

A Step-by-step Guide for Older Home Users  



Amazon Book: How to find work when you're over 50

How to find work when you`re over 50

This book can help you if you want to find work but feel your age may be a
limiting factor.


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Amazon Book: Essential computing skills for working women or returners


Index to YoucandoIT  editions for 2007 and earlier below

For the 2008/2009 index of YoucandoIT visit youcandoIT index

Edition 97

Jackie suggests you download the Google Toolbar for the New Year..

Edition 96

This month Jackie takes you through the 10 steps you need to take to switch broadband supplier quickly and easily.

Edition 94

Jackie explains how to stop your computer becoming cluttered up with Spyware programs

Edition 93

Edition 92

Jackie answers more of your questions


Edition 91

Saving money on phone bills

Paint Shop Pro file types

Text recognition

Edition 90

Adding fonts to your Font box

PowerPoint and common formats

Edition 89

Sorting word processed documents

Changing the colour in digital photographs

Edition 88

Getting Crafty with a Computer - using your computer creatively

Edition 87

Facilities available to help the elderly or disabled use a computer

Edition 86

Explaining Excel error messages

What are podcasts?

Switching utility providers online


Edition 85

Adding toolbars

Tracking visited web pages

Genuine & Safe online purchasing


Edition 84

Social networking

If you like the idea of 'chatting' to people of a certain age over the Internet, there are now a variety of websites you can visit.

Edition 83

Changing printer settings

Greetings Card Layout

Checking Suspicious Emails

Edition 82

Making searching easier

Smaller web page addresses

Backing up emails

Edition 81

Planning your holiday

Basic typing

Recovering lost work

Edition 80

Viewing email attachments when I don't have the program

I want an ISP who provides a free help desk

Can I install selective updates only?

I want to change ISP to a cheaper one with a cap of 5GB

Edition 79

I know that many of you write in your spare time. If you are hoping to see your work in print one day, here are a few tips on using your computer to help get your work published

Edition 78

Q: Is there a quick way to complete addresses in the browser address box?

Q: I can't see email attachments

Q: Is it possible to sort entries alphabetically in Word?

Q: I am worried I will download unsafe anti-virus programs

Edition 77

Q: What is "phishing"?

Q: How to open the right folder each time you save.

Q: A quick way to close down a computer

Q: How to add a particular toolbar button to the main screen.


Edition 76

Q: Can you explain the difference between KB and MB?

Q: I want to buy a digital camera. What should I look for?

Edition 75

This month Jackie is revising some database and spreadsheet activities that may have been forgotten.

Edition 74

Many of you will be using a digital camera and may be interested in editing your photos rather than accepting them just as they are.

Edition 73

Now is the time for New Year resolutions, so here are four things you should plan to do regularly this year.

Edition 72

Using spreadsheets for complex everyday decisions

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