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You can do IT in later life
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You can do IT is a regular Question and Answer section on run by Jackie Sherman IT trainer and author. The aim is to try to help laterlife visitors make the most of Information Technology on or off the web.  

Jackie has published the books shown and you can find more details about these by clicking on the cover images.        


Here via the index you can view the articles from previous editions. 

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Index to YoucandoIT editions for 2008 - 2014


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Edition 157

Jackie's top five tips for saving money by using the internet wisely.

Edition 156

Selling Safely on ebay, Copying Contacts from your Old Phone to your New Phone and Creating Labels in Word.

Edition 155

For December, here are a few ways to make life easier on your computer

Edition 154

Selling unwanted books online and Buying currency online

Edition 153

Removing unwanted toolbars; Finding operating system information; Sound settings; Hardware Vs. Software; Finding downloaded files

Edition 152

Removing free software; Temporary wireless internet access; Starting in Safe Mode

Edition 151

Saving PaintShop Pro; using Windows Update; Keyboard Shortcuts

Edition 150

Printing PDF Files; Moving Images; Opening Files Easily

Edition 149

Working more effectively with word-processing software

Edition 148

Jackie's Top Ten Tips for Web browsing

Edition 147

Keyboards: Turn off overtyping; regional settings; malfunctions; accessible options

Edition 146

Producing a Table of Contents; Can't click links in email

Edition 145

Excel cell formatting; browser add-ons; restoring deleted emails

Edition 144

Self-Publishing the Kindle way

Edition 143

Be an effective seller on eBay during the Christmas rush

Edition 142

Cloud Storage & Totalling MS Word tables

Edition 141

Setting default window opening sizes & using eBay's Watch List facility

Edition 140

A warning about gifting subscriptions & Keeping printing costs down

Edition 139

Accessing the internet abroad

Edition 138

Pros and cons of e-readers

Edition 137

More IT Questions and answers for June: Restoring brower localisation; good websites to compare exchange rates and commission.

Edition 136

More Q & A for May

Edition 135

Online testing for dementia

Edition 134

Keeping your computer in tip top condition

Edition 133

Saving all your computer data

Edition 132

Now is a good time to get rid of unwanted Christmas presents as well as empty the loft (before adding more insulation, perhaps) and garage. So here are a few ideas to help you do that using your computer.

Edition 131

Quick internet Searching

Edition 130

Getting your cashback from mobile phone companies

Edition 129

Blue screen with error message
My Home Page has changed

Edition 128

Sending docs in emails.
How do I set a home page on new browser
Designing a logo

Edition 127

Can you explain about cash back sites and how easy it is to use them?
I am suddenly having problems sending and receiving emails, can you suggest how to sort this out?
Is there a cheap way to advertise my small part-time business locally?

Edition 126

Minimising programmes quickly
Sending smaller pictures by email
Downloading too many broadband GBs

Edition 125

A FREE alternative to MS Office
Copying emails into folders
Viruses and other problems

Edition 124

Surfing on holiday

Edition 123

Getting your business online

Edition 122
This month Jackie covers the topic of templates as they are very useful and you can set up and use templates in most software packages.

Edition 121
Cannot open Word Doc.,
Printing Excel spreadsheet on only one page.
Different Spellcheck options

Edition 120
Link in email message no longer opens web page
Where are my email messages stored?

Edition 119
Trying a new virus checker without uninstalling current one
Selective automatic updates
Half full printer ink cartridges showing empty

Edition 118
Copying parts of spreadsheet into a letter
Starting each spreadsheet column with a particular day

Edition 117
Jackie answers two different queries about email address books.

Edition 116
Format spacing
Glare from white page irritates
Task bar has disappeared
Changing email addresses

Edition 115
This month Jackie introduces you to the Google Chrome Browser.

Edition 114
Signatures on emails
Recovering deleted files
Typing underneath a picture
How to take Screenshots, also show the cursor

Edition 113
In this edition: Jackie introduces a little known feature for people selling items on eBay

Edition 112
Downloading photos from digital cameras
Filing email messages in folders
Excel spreadsheet is 'Read-Only'

Edition 111
Adding Word Count to tool bar
Saving Document Formatting
Turning an Excel spreadsheet into a database

Edition 110
Printer Ink cartridge not recognised
Are the latest Browsers better?
I've lost an 'Office' toolbar, can I get it back?

Edition 109
Sorting 'My Docs'
Goup mailing
Applying same formatting to long document

Edition 108
As safety over the Internet is becoming more and more
worrying, Jackie thinks it is time to re-examine
the logging in process, which is meant to be a good way
to keep your personal data secure.

Edition 107
Missing toolbar buttons
Sub totals in spreadsheets

Edition 106
This month, Jackie covers one area relevant to everyone
– cooking - where she suggests that, sometimes, using
the Web is far better than turning to a book.

Edition 105
Useful Keyboard shortcuts
Stop automatically adding people I reply to in my address book
Maximising windows

Edition 104
New websites wanted
Cropping and Cloning

Edition 103
Problem with buying on eBay
IF function
RSI working at your PC
Finding items in My Documents

Edition 102
Sending special greetings emails
Saving files to CD

Edition 101
Adding desktop links to websites
Adding section of document to desktop
Bargains on eBay

Edition 100 
Stopping capitalization on new lines in Word.
My computer is slow.
Moving pictures around a document

Edition 99
Read Only message
Which version of operating system do I have
Slow computer

Edition 98
Quicker browsing

Checking emails on holiday

Managing mail

Edition 97
Jackie suggests you download the Google Toolbar for the New Year..

Edition 96
This month Jackie takes you through the 10 steps you need to take to switch broadband supplier quickly and easily.

Edition 94
Jackie explains how to stop your computer becoming
cluttered up with Spyware programs

Edition 93
Mice behaving badly
Lost emails
Opening attachments

Edition 92
Jackie answers more of your questions

Edition 91
Saving money on phone bills
Paint Shop Pro file types
Text recognition

Edition 90
Adding fonts to your Font box
PowerPoint and common formats

Edition 89
Sorting word processed documents
Changing the colour in digital photographs

Edition 88
Getting Crafty with a Computer - using your
computer creatively

Edition 87
Facilities available to help the elderly or disabled
use a computer

Edition 86
Explaining Excel error messages
What are podcasts?
Switching utility providers online

Edition 85
Adding toolbars

Tracking visited web pages

Genuine & Safe online purchasing

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