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Look Fabulous Forever is a series by Tricia Cusden, Founder and MD of make up brand Look Fabulous Forever. In this series Tricia will be giving guidance and tips about make up and beauty.

Giving Your Skin an Autumn MOT

I regularly do Look Fabulous Forever makeup makeovers on older women and I can tell immediately if their skin is dry and scaly because the foundation just sits on the surface and you can't buff it into the skin as you should to achieve a beautiful flawless finish. My skin is suffering a 'post summer' effect and is definitely in need of a major MOT - so here are my guidelines for how you can improve the look and feel of your skin of your skin.

1. Exfoliation is crucial to improve the surface layer of your skin. Dead skin cells need to be removed so that the renewed and younger looking skin can show through. Use any good, gentle exfoliator as a facial scrub which will also boost blood circulation and bring newer moist skin cells to the surface. It will also mean that your moisturiser will absorb more readily.

2. Older skins tend to be very dry. So eat foods containing Vitamin C like dark leafy green vegetables and make sure that you drink lots of water (tap is fine!). Tea, coffee, juices and carbonated drinks don't count I'm afraid. Taking fish oil supplements can also have a beneficial effect and all of these things will help to prevent (or slow) wrinkling.

3. Never use soap on your face. Soap strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it feel uncomfortably tight and dry. Use cleansers which will remove dirt from the surface of the skin but will not disturb the skin’s delicate pH balance. Washing your face with soap is like washing it with dishwater liquid or detergent.

4. Moisture masks will help to deliver a deeper moisturising than your everyday moisturiser. Apply after you have exfoliated and allow to sink into the skin, then leave for around 10 minutes before removing. Use a good serum every day (I like the Boots Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum) and then apply your moisturiser on top of that. It's a good idea to choose one with an SPF so that you know that your skin is always protected from UVA sun damage.

5. Use a good emollient night cream to 'feed' the skin while you are sleeping. And sleep is of course fantastically restorative to the skin and ensures that you don't have bags or dark circles under your eye during the daytime.

Makeup only looks as good as the skin on which it is applied. With a small investment of time and money you can have it looking radiant and glowing instead of slightly grey and lacklustre. There's no need to spend a fortune at a salon (unless you want to treat yourself to a little pampering) just equip yourself with a good exfoliator, a moisture mask, some great day and night creams and within a couple of weeks you will surely reap the benefit!

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