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Medical Identifications

Rotten isn’t it, but as we age more things go wrong. Many, in fact most, people over 50 and 60 are on some sort of medication and many are dealing with serious medical problems that are controlled or being assisted by regular medication.

But what happens in an emergency? If there is an accident, or you are suddenly rushed to hospital in an emergency, medical professionals really need to know whether you have allergies, are diabetic, have specific underlying conditions, what medication you are on and so on. This information is vital to doctors so that they can give the best and safest treatment for you. Time is also crucial - even if the doctors are able to research your medical history through finding and talking to relatives or through data, this can all be very time consuming when treatment is needed urgently.

Now, in August and September when so many people are going overseas on holiday, information and communication becomes especially important. Even if you are able to tell doctors your medical history, language problems may prevent details being fully understood.

Medical IDs provide an excellent solution to all this. Wearing a discreet record of your medical history or medication, or directing doctors to where they can obtain the full details quickly, ensures that doctors treating you will be aware of underlying conditions and possible problems with using certain medications including drug to drug interactions. Good medical ID jewellery is designed to feature the international medical symbol caduceus, the image of a staff with two snakes which is in use in many countries across the world. This alerts the doctors who will then turn it to read an inscription or open it to reveal medical details or emergency contacts. Most are waterproof and heatproof and designed to be very robust as well as attractive and comfortable to wear.

Wearing medical alert jewellery is becoming increasingly popular and the designs have progressed dramatically from the early clumsy medical bracelets that were initially used. Today there is a fabulous range of bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery specifically designed for men and women which stand alone as nice pieces to wear; but all include medical information that could possibly save your life.

Just some of the Medical ID jewellery available from the ID Band Company

The choice of designs today is amazing and with modern materials and manufacture, it can be hard to realize that these great fashion pieces are actually also serving a medical function. You can choose from sturdy stainless steel in a range of finishes from black and two tone brown to rose or golden gold plated; magnetic fashion bracelets with hermatite beads in different colours; watch style bracelets; robust but soft silicone straps in a range of bright colours; titanium, leather; masculine style chains - the selection is almost endless. And that is just bracelets - there are also necklaces and pendants, watches, the list goes on.

There are quite a few companies offering medical IDs now. If you are rushing off on holiday and suddenly realize a medical ID could be a good idea, the ID Band Company, a family concern based in Northumberland which supply the NHS and have an amazingly wide range of designs, offer a same day dispatch service. Visit them here or call 0800 999 3669.

A stage further than just wearing medical ID jewellery is to join a subscription service or organization that holds your records and is available 24 hours a day to provide your medical details to identified medical practitioners in an emergency.

MedicAlert is a popular non-profit organization that can be accessed in an emergency 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere in the world through their emergency telephone number. Based in California, it has a full international network and it is also able to communicate in over 100 languages which can make a life saving difference in real emergencies.

You provide them with detailed medical records which you need to keep up to date, including allergies, whether you have a pacemaker, anything that is relevant. They keep this fully secure and then will provide you with a custom made item of medical ID jewellery - again there is a great choice available. This can give a brief overview of your conditions or the medication you are taking, but most importantly it will have the direct MedicAlert telephone contact number on it.

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