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Pet Ideas for Everyone

There has been a lot of research on the benefits of people owning pets; and many projects have confirmed that there is especial benefit for older people and in particular for older people living on their own. Studies have shown that pets help people’s mental and physical well being and that is easy to understand; having a living companion, big or small, in the home can add real value to everyday living.

But what pet to choose? There is lots of information available of selecting dogs and cats, but in fact there is a huge range of animals and birds that can make wonderful pets, whatever your situation.

The London Pet Show, taking place in London between May 17th and 18th, will attract visitors from all over Britain because it really is a centre to find out all about the options available in pet keeping.

The show will be packed full of hundreds of different animals including top favourites such as rabbits and chickens plus lots of fun entertainment including animal action displays. Importantly, there will be informative talks and experts on hand, giving everyone the opportunity to learn about different types of animals and ask any question.

And even if the time is not right for you to have a pet, there are lots of interest animals and reptiles to look at such as tree lizards, water dragons and various chameleons. If nothing else, it could prove a fascinating day out with the grandchildren!

Cats of course are hugely popular as pets in retirement and if you have stopped full time work, you might have more time to look after some more exotic and interesting breeds. If you are looking for something a little different, the website of the International Cat Association includes detail of the largest range of cats as pets -

They say their top five most popular breeds worldwide are the Bengal, the ragdoll, the Maine coon, the sphinx and the Siberian. There is also growing interest in unusual breeds such as the American Curl and the British Longhair.

The Maine Coone

The American Curl

The British Longhair

They will have experts on hand at the London Pet Show or they run a worldwide programme of shows which include a few in the UK where you can often see unusual breeds - full list is at

Dogs will feature highly at the show and along with a huge range of dog activities including the ever popular flyball competition and “Scruffts” events, experts will be on hand to advise on all the latest goodies and gadgets for dogs. The Kennel Club is the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of dogs and its website offers lots of information on
Dog breeds, buying puppies, training and so on.

But even if you are not interested in owning a dog, no one can help but be fascinated by the SuperDogs Live event at the London Pet Show. This is sponsored by Direct Line Pet Insurance and is a quest to find Britain’s superdog. Ben Fogle is helping to run the contest and there are three categories: Doggy Dancing, the most Talented Dog and the Most Heroic Hound.

For the really adventurous, what about micro pigs or a bird of prey. With a little time and effort, a pet can become a way of life! Parrots can be a little less demanding and on the Saturday and Sunday of the show there will be training demonstrations where parrots will be in free flight. There is also opportunity to see the smallest of parrots to the largest macaws.

The London Pet Show brings together so much information that it really is an ideal starting point for anyone considering having a pet. And even if you can’t get to London, links through the show’s website will open up a wide range of information areas on every pet imaginable.

It is so easy to obtain a pet through a friend, pet shop or nearby animal home. But at our age it really is worth the time to properly check out all the options available. Then you may find you have not only gained a boost to your mental and physical well being, but have found a new friend, and a new interest for life.


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