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Retirement Seminars, Retirement Courses and Retirement Workshops

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Retirement Seminars, Retirement Courses and Retirement Workshops – what they are and why you need one!

A guide to retirement planning for employees by
Retirement Specialists Laterlife Learning

Have you come across Retirement Seminars, Retirement Courses or Retirement Workshops? Is your employer one of the increasing number that offer these as an employee benefit?

If you are less than 5 years from when you could retire you should find out if they do. (If you are 10-15 years from that point then there are some other ‘mid-life’ options).

For the moment we’ll regard the names as synonymous and just use the term retirement workshops and then explain the subtle differences below.

Why should you attend a Laterlife retirement workshop?

  • Because they can help you decide when it’s the right time for you personally to retire, or partially retire.
  • Because they assist you to plan the lifestyle you want in retirement, or partial retirement, addressing how to spend all those extra hours of leisure time in a fulfilling way for you personally and linked to your financial situation.
  • Because they enable you to understand financial issues around planning for retirement.
  • Because they can remove concerns about retirement and open up the opportunity that retirement represents by addressing the common concerns that retirees have.
  • Because a survey by University of Greenwich showed that there is a 19% increase in ‘life satisfaction’ in retirement for those that have attended retirement workshops, compared to those that haven’t.

If those aren’t enough to convince you that this is a subject worth investigating then take a look at some of the enthusiastic feedback comments (opens in new window) from people who have attended Laterlife retirement workshops.

Why do employers provide retirement workshops?

People are often surprised when employers pay for a retirement workshop for them because unlike workplace training the organisation derives no obvious benefit. The reason is that historically organisations do so where they have a genuine concern for the lives of their employees and they see this as just one part of being a good employer. In recent years organisations have also introduced them as an additional ‘Staff benefit’ when reviewing their retirement policy as a result of the legislative changes that have taken place in recent years. Some unions have also played a part in negotiating this as a valuable staff benefit for their members.

Some employers make use of Open planning retirement workshops (which are applicable even if they only have 1 member of staff retiring a year, or retirees are geographically spread around the UK) others prefer to provide In-house workshops.

What should you do if your employer doesn’t currently provide retirement planning workshops?

Although we have seen big increases in employers offering this benefit in recent years there are still many who are unaware of how big a benefit it can be for their employees. If you would like us to send you a document to pass on to your HR department which explains the benefits, or would like us to approach them, or would like to discuss this further, just email Matt at email address  and he will be pleased to help. If you happen to work in HR and would like more information then please use our organisation enquiry form.

Changes since the Default Retirement Age was removed

We are all different and some of us can’t wait to retire, whilst others are quite concerned about it and how they will spend all the extra leisure time in a fulfilling and enjoyable way. Since the Default Retirement Age was removed in 2011 there is considerable danger that some of us don’t make a retirement decision but simply drift on, missing the enormous opportunity that retirement provides.

Attending a workshop helps us all to make a decision as to when we do want to retire, or partially retire, based on logical rather than emotional grounds and to establish our ideas and plans for how we would like to spend our time.

So if your employer offers you a workshop do make sure you take advantage of what is a really valuable benefit.

However, since the Default Retirement Age was removed there is a problem that some employers are reluctant to offer planning retirement workshops until employees say they want to retire or ask about it, for fear of being seen to be suggesting retirement to the individual and therefore being discriminatory on the basis of age. (In reality there is of course nothing discriminatory in offering a retirement workshop as long as it is generally available to anyone who might be considering retirement and as long as it is clear that attending won’t be taken as an intention to retire at any particular time). So you may want to help your employer by asking whether they do offer such workshops.

Not all retirement training is equal

The various forms of Retirement Training differ considerably in both style and content.

Taking content first: there are 3 typical types of content. The first type, at the extreme end, is wholly financially based with a bit of lip service to lifestyle aspects. The second type has a mix of Lifestyle and Finance and in terms of subject headings appears to cover the lifestyle aspects but in terms of time spent still devotes the major share of time to finance. The third type is more balanced, seeing Finance as important but only one of some 10 aspects of retirement to be covered and only devoting about 20% of the time to it, albeit with the other topics paying due regard to the financial circumstances in retirement.

In our opinion this third type is what most people need, especially when within a few years of retirement. Heavily finance based content is correctly the realm of ‘mid-life retirement training’ when there are many options still open.

Returning to the terminology: Retirement Seminars, Retirement Courses or Retirement Workshops each represent a different style of training. Retirement seminars typically conjure up the idea of a room full of people listening to a series of speakers. The term is widely used by financial organisations who are interested in presenting their services to you. Retirement Courses are typically more intimate but may still use a series of speakers using PowerPoint to present to you. Retirement workshops on the other hand are about using a variety of styles to engage you in planning the different aspects of your retirement.

However, as the terms are often used interchangeably, look beyond the name to how the event is delivered.

As you may have guessed we prefer the term workshop and our workshops are delivered in ways which engage you and we don’t use a single PowerPoint during the day.

About Laterlife Workshops and Laterlife Learning

You are probably aware, if you visit the site regularly, that here at Laterlife we are retirement specialists and that as well as providing the site we offer the most extensive schedule of open retirement training workshops in the UK and also run in-house workshops for hundreds of Public and Private sector organisations. We also believe that what we offer is second to none, but you’ll have to be the judge of that.

The workshops cover all the lifestyle aspects of retirement and associated financial aspects but if you would like to know more about them and obtain a full overview of the content and prices (without obligation) then you have a number of options:

• use either our ‘Personal enquiry’ form if enquiring for yourself, or our ‘Organisation enquiry’ form if you are enquiring on behalf of your organisation

• or browse some more here on laterlife first or on our dedicated  site

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