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Your Responses to The Scottish Referendum

We invited LaterLife readers to let us know their thoughts on the Scottish Referendum before the annoucement of results as well as after it was announced the Scottish had decided to stay within the UK.

We got a lot of responses, and reflecting the emotion surrounding the Independance Debate, some were very impassioned. Below are just some of the responses we recieved.


Your responses to the results:

Responses to the Scottish Referendum results.

"Coincidentally, my wife and I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Sicily – what a wonderful experience, and very friendly people. When those Sicilians who spoke English first heard the news that Scotland had voted “no”, their first topic of conversation with us was to ask our opinion and to proffer theirs. Without exception, they agreed with our view that it was, and is, the best result for the UK as well as for the EU.

Alex Salmond is bound to puff and bluster for the next few weeks and months. This is because he has (albeit narrowly) failed to persuade Scottish residents that they would be better served by becoming independent of the rest of the UK. He will be hurt by that result, and will now seek to show that he has not given up on his electorate; that he will still fight for greater powers to be devolved to Scotland; and that he can still succeed in achieving independence if the remaining electorate will give him their “yes” vote next time around.

Mr Salmond should remember, however, that a far greater man than he (King James vi of Scotland / King James 1 of England) saw that the two countries would fare much better once united under a single head of state. This has benefited both countries for some three and a half centuries. Together with Wales and Northern Ireland, the united kingdoms of England and Scotland have forged an enviable position within Europe, whilst also maintaining a powerful relationship with the USA. This should not be harmed by one man’s lust for power. Nationalism is not the same as patriotism, and the Scots should be extremely careful about voting for the Scottish Nationalist Party which, in my opinion, is a very dangerous organisation."

"The Scottish people have now voted to stay in the Union, so the Union must now honour the pledges it made, which encouraged them to do so. Yes, it is true that the English, Welsh and Northern Irish deserve equal respect, but the Scottish had the courage or opportunity to go first, so let's not complicate the issue.

Give to the Scottish parliament what was promised, show the Union to be honourable.

Then give the same deal to those who want it and solve the West Lothian at that point.

We need a Union parliament for certain topics and a country parliament for all other topics. We the English can be patient will the Scottish are properly treated, for our turn will quickly follow, or we will hold the three main parties or Westminster responsible.

There is no going back, so let us quickly get to a new stronger devolved Union. And please no extra layers of government."


"I think we need to be a little wary so soon after the 'result'. I strongly suspect that Salmond will be looking for a second bite of the cherry by having a re-run of the referendum as soon as he can in order to try and ensure he gets a 'proper' result. I expect he will believe it is his destiny - the electorate are such a nuisance!"

"Independence will be harder to sell next time round as there will be less oil reserves so making separation less attractive."

More responses:

Responses to last weeks thoughts on the Scottish Referendum.

"The standard retort from an anti English whingeing Scot with the usual inferiority complex - pathetic. Grow up. Just as well there are many decent Scots who see through such tripe and Mr Salmond's false promises and will vote No and save Scotland from such people."

"If The English were not so patronising a erring that they subsidise The Scots this would not be happening. English regions should have autonomy too."

Furthering the Debate:

Responses to previous thoughts on the Scottish Referendum.

"If Scotland has a free vote as to whether to become separate, could not the Ukraine have given the same option to its Eastern provinces, I wonder?"


"Alex Salmond should be taken to the tower of London and charged with treason. I hope he gets his comeuppance. I feel that the Queen should have intervened as head of state before yesterdays comments in the press. Unfortunately it seems that not too many people feel like this."


"If it is in fact a United Kingdom then there should be the same rules for all parts. That is not that the Scottish and Welsh get better deals than the English – i.e free prescription, free elderly care and free university education. Also why can the Scottish MPs vote on things which are purely English yet the English MP cannot vote on things which are purely Scottish"


"I certainly agree with the comment on 'the black hole that is London'. I love Scotland and believe we ought to be a Union, but I well understand that the whole country is just about London ... billions on an underground to save 20 minutes ...... spend, spend, spend whilst other parts of the country and Scotland of course, are very much neglected. I well understand them wanting to spend their own income on themselves as I'm sure parts of the north do too!"


"Farewell Westminster.

Rule by a party with one Scottish MP. No thanks.

Three devolved assemblies but no English assembly. What kind of Union is that?

Eight hundred and three unelected nose-troughing “lords” having a say in law-making. You’re welcome.

Illegal wars that are still causing thousands of deaths and displacing millions. No more.

A nuclear base and prime target within 30 miles of our biggest city. It’s all yours.

A planned referendum on leaving Europe. That’ll be Right!

The possibility of Boris, or Ed, or Nigel as our next Prime Minister. You must be joking.

Expense-fiddling MPs' pay rising by ten per cent, compared with the one per cent Holyrood MSPs accepted. No brainer.

The Bank of the United Kingdom still being called the Bank of England, with the pretence that all UK resources, including North Sea oil, belong to England. Okay, but then so does the £1.4 trillion of debt.

We know the English are going to love being freed from all us whingeing, free-loading Scots. But, as our American cousins say: Don’t be strangers!"

England wants a vote too:

"As an English person living in England I am furious that I have no vote on the future of Scotland. Scotland’s future is the future of the UK which affects all of its citizens."


"I cannot understand why it is only the Scots who are given a choice in this VERY important matter. At present we are a United Kingdom, hence anything that one part of the union does, by definition, will affect the rest. If Scotland leaves the union the remainder of the diminished UK will be that much weaker. England will have a foreign country on our northern frontier and we find it hard enough to protect our southern shores which are protected by ocean!

Instead of constantly whinging about how hard done to they are, the Scots should remember that England and Wales have had Scottish MPs commenting on, and voting on matters that only affect us and not them. We have also had to tolerate for many years a Scottish chancellor who then became our PM. On second thoughts, perhaps we will be better off without them!"

For Independence:

"Let them go independent! Then they might stop whinging! Then please give England a chance to vote on OUR future instead of MPs from Scotland deciding it."


"The English have ridden roughshod over all extremities of the United Kingdom. Everything centres on London and the sooner our money stops pouring into that black hole of obscenity the better and if Scotland gets their independence I hope that everyone outside London gets theirs too."

Against Independence:

"I think that it is a crazy idea, but if they do go independent then they should not have the pound sterling. They want to have their cake and eat it!"


"I think it is just about the most stupid idea I have heard for many years. I do not think that the yes side have really thought it through. Oil revenues are running out and they have nothing else to sell.

The banking system is dependent of them having the £ as a currency, and being under the control of the Bank of England. They will not have the £ and Europe has said that they cannot automatically join that gang. So what do they think they will do. They have no answer.

The financial institutions have said they will have to move from Scotland and they employ a lot of skilled people. We should not buy ships from their shipyards, but better use our own. They don't want the nuclear submarines, so they should come back to England/Wales or Ireland. What is left for them... Scotch whiskey and not much more.

They really need to understand the problems they will cause themselves if they continue to listen to their megalomaniac leadership.

Come back down to earth and see some sense."


"Completely against separation. I believe that SNP are the most dangerous thing that has happened to the Scottish people since the threat of Nazism and Communism. Their supporters should be getting investigated for their behaviour over e-mail and harassment of ‘No’ Voters.

Why were they allowed to use the Scottish flag and then be allowed to desecrate it with the Yes word painted on it? Their abuse of the Legal system with criminals walking free no matter how many times they offend does not seem to be understood by the average Scot.

Police with guns? Removing the requirement for corroboration? Where does this lead? One person accusing another and that person automatically guilty no matter what the offence? Is that not what Dictatorships love to have?

If I had seen this coming would have tried to emigrate when I was younger and can only hope the rest of UK willow me to enter. I pray that if this stupidity goes ahead then two things should be agreed

1/ People should be allowed to transfer all their funds to Bank of England

2/ Salmond and company should not be allowed to do ‘runners’ from Scotland when things go wrong (as they will do)! Believe their plan
Is that they loose the first Election after separation leaving the other parties to try and make Independence work which it won’t and they then say it not their fault! (If u see what I mean.)

This from and ex-Serviceman - proud to have served and scared of the future."

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