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Join the stars and stay well this winter.

Some of the country’s famous faces, including Joey Essex, Barbara Windsor, Alan Davies, Ainsley Harriott, Tina Hobley, Arlene Phillips and Sunetra Sarker are supporting Stay Well for Winter, a major drive to keep the nation well over the coming winter months.
The new campaign has been organized by Public Health England and NHS England to remind people what actions they can take to prevent them getting ill during the winter months.
It is especially relevant for us because the latest data reveals that winter deaths contribute to about 1 in 20 of all extra deaths per year, with older people being more vulnerable. 

Joey Essex, Barbara Windsor, Alan Davies, Ainsley Harriott, Tina Hobley, Arlene Phillips and Sunetra Sarker all came together  recently to be photographed in their winter woolies holding the letters W –  I – N – T – E – R. Each of these letters represents an action people and their families can take to keep well over the winter months:

Warm: Keep your house warm this winter at least 18°C (65F)
Immunisations: Get your flu vaccination
Neighbours: Keep an eye on elderly neighbours and relatives
Timely: Seek advice from a pharmacist at first sign of illness
Enough: Pick up repeat prescriptions so you have enough while pharmacies/surgeries arez closed
Restock: Make sure you have enough food and medicine in the cupboards

Actress Barbara Windsor said: “It’s the simplest things that we sometimes forget, and when remembered, they can make all the difference! The Stay Well This Winter campaign is a great way of reminding people about the little things they can do to make sure they’re protecting themselves as the cold weather sets in, whether that’s staying warm, stocking up on prescription medicines or checking in on friends and neighbours to make sure they are keeping well”.

Sunetra Sarker, actress in Casualty, said:
“I’m very aware of how the winter can affect people’s health and we all need to look after older members of our family this winter. I want to make sure I know all the things I can do to look out for my loved ones, and I’m sure other people are in the same position as me. The Stay Well This Winter Campaign is so helpful because it provides exactly this sort of advice. I’d urge everyone to take note, whether it’s getting the flu jab, keeping warm or checking in on friends and neighbours, there are lots of ways we can make sure we are protecting ourselves and our loved ones this winter.”

Ainsley Harriott, Celebrity Chef, said:
“We’re all more prone to illness in the colder months, and we all know that certain people, like the elderly and those with long-term health conditions, are more at risk than the rest of us. I think people sometimes forget about simple things that we can do to prepare for winter, which can make all the difference! It’s so easy, for instance, to stock up your cupboards with plenty of wholesome and healthy foods like tinned fruit, veg, fish and meat - which can go a long way to ensuring you’re well nourished on days when it’s too cold and icy to head to the shops. The Stay Well This Winter campaign has lots of other tips and that’s why I’m supporting the campaign this year.”

Alan Davies, comedian and actor in Jonathan Creek, said:
“The "Stay Well This Winter" campaign has lots of advice about things you can do to keep you and your family well this winter . The NHS ‘Stay Well This Winter’ urges the public to keep yourself warm. Heat your home to least 18 degrees C or (65F) if you can. If you start to feel unwell, even if it¹s just a cough or a cold, then get help from your pharmacist quickly before it gets more serious. Look out for other people who may need a bit if extra help over winter. Make sure you get your prescription medicines before pharmacies close on Christmas Eve and always take your prescribed medicines as directed.”

Tina Hobley, actress in Holby City and Coronation Street, said:
“The Stay Well This Winter campaign is about protecting yourself, your family and the people around you in the colder months. One of the things any parent can do is to make sure you get the flu vaccine. It is free for those aged 65 and over, people with long term health conditions and pregnant women. Aside from the flu vaccine, the campaign promotes a range of things which we should do to look after our families this winter.”

Joey Essex, reality star in The Only Way is Essex, said:
“I’m really close to my nan and am glad that she’s happy and healthy, but as the colder weather sets in, me and my family are aware that she and other elderly folk are at risk of getting ill. That’s why I’m supporting this Stay Well This Winter campaign, which provides a load of easy tips to help all our loved ones prepare for winter. We should all be looking out for each other. If I’m doing it and my mates are doing it, you should too.  Visit to find out more. “

Arlene Phillips, choreographer and former judge on So You Think You Can Dance and Strictly Come Dancing, said:
The Stay Well This Winter campaign is all about looking after not only yourself, but also the people around you in the winter time. Having taken care of my elderly father as he lived with dementia, I am fully aware of just how dangerous the winter can be, particularly for the people who are most vulnerable, like the elderly and those with long-term health conditions. This campaign encourages people to be prepared against the dangers of winter, and to look out for their elderly neighbours who might be alone and less able to take care of themselves this winter. I really want to encourage everyone to take the advice given

But these aren’t the only stars that are getting behind this campaign. Other celebrity supporters include  TV doctor, Dr. Rosemary Leonard, who said she wants to encourage the public to be more aware of the dangers that winter can bring. She said:
 “Elderly people and those with long term health conditions are particularly vulnerable to winter illnesses so I’d urge anyone that falls into these groups to take heed of these messages and plan ahead for winter.  With over one million people stating that they are always or often lonely, crucially, this initiative reminds us to keep an eye on elderly neighbours and relatives. Simple actions like making a phone call to say hello or ensuring our loved ones have stocked up on prescription medicines takes no time at all but can make all the difference.”

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director for NHS England, summed up the campaign:
“Through TV, radio, posters and leaflets we will help people know where to seek help and get advice - whether it’s pharmacies, NHS Choices, calling 111 or A&E. It’s critical we all do what we can help others stay well this winter.  Think of the elderly.  Half live alone and one third only occasionally socialise if at all, so they are slow to seek help.  Those who are frail can get very sick very quickly – even a cold can end up with a stay in hospital. In keeping with the spirit of our NHS, let’s all play our part in helping each other stay well this winter.”

For more information, visit the website at

Public Health England exists to protect and improve the nation's health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities and is an operationally autonomous executive agency of the Department of Health. Website:

There are grants, benefits and sources of advice available to make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating or help with bills. Find out more here:

PAGB (Proprietary Association of Great Britain) is the UK trade association for branded over the counter medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements.  PAGB is a partner in the Stay Well This Winter campaign.

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