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You can do IT is a regular feature of aimed at trying to help laterlife visitors make the most of Information Technology on or off the web. 

Jackie Sherman who runs the You can do IT Question & Answer section is an IT trainer and author. Jackie has spent her career in education and specialises in teaching IT to adults. Her courses for adults include such topics as MS Office, the Internet, e-mail and basic web page authoring.  

Jackie has also written several books - you can find more details about these by clicking here. Jackie has also been running a course specifically for over 50s.

Via Jackie aims to particularly help those new to IT and the web to build up knowledge and confidence, so no question is too basic. At the same time she will cover Q&As for the more experienced user. 

So if you would like to ask a question of Jackie, why not email her 

Or if you have discovered something which may be of interest to others in making the most of the web, then she would love to hear about that too.

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December 2013

For December, here are a few ways to make life easier on your computer.


I am using a Window XP machine so other operating systems may differ.

Quick search tip

If you are still typing http://www when trying to visit a website (URL), or if you hesitate because you don't know if it ends .com, or .org, it is time to re-consider.  That is because computers are far more intelligent than they used to be and it is usually much quicker to just type the name of the organization in lower case letters (as long as you know what their website address name will be) into the address box,
e.g. dwp will offer the Department of Work and Pensions and ici will offer Imperial Chemical Industries at the top of a Google search engine list. 

Sometimes you will see a list forming even before you finish typing.  If the list offers the wrong pages, carry on typing, but if you spot the website you want to visit in the list, stop typing and click the correct link directly.

Quick document tip

If you open any of the menus, e.g. the File menu within a document, spreadsheet or other file type, you will see that some of the most common options show shortcut keys.  For example, Save = Ctrl + S, Open = Ctrl + O and New = Ctrl + N.  If you want one of these options, pressing the keys is much quicker than moving your mouse up to the menu and selecting the item from there.

BUT – take care if you want to choose settings other than the default settings.  For example, to save a copy or new version of a document you MUST select File – Save As or you will overwrite your original file.  And to select a specific number of pages or copies to print, don't use Ctrl + P or you will print one copy using your default printer and won't have any other choices offered.

Quick copying tip

If you have a spreadsheet, block of text, image or table in a file that you will want to copy into a different document or email at some stage, one way is to use the status bar at the bottom of the screen to park it on until you are ready to use it.

  1. Open the folder containing the item you want to copy, select the file name and drag it down to your status bar using the right mouse button.
  2. Let go and select Copy here.
  3. Now open the receiving file and then click and drag the icon for the copied file onto the page.  When you let go, the embedded table, spreadsheet or image will appear.
  4. Don’t try it if you have a shortcut to a file, or you will just copy across the shortcut icon.

Quick email tip

Set a rule if you spend your time moving messages into different folders.  This may seem at first like a long method for sorting emails, but it will save you a huge amount of time in the long run. 

Let us imagine emails from arrive regularly and you have created a Tifftaff folder in your Inbox to store them.  When the next message comes in:

  1. Click to select but not open the message.
  2. Open the Message menu and select Create Rule from Message.
  3. When the window opens, make sure there is a tick in the: "Where the From line contains people" box 1 and that appears underlined in blue in box 3.
  4. Now click the box 2 option: "Move it to the specified folder" and click the underlined "specified" in box 3. 
  5. This will open a folder list and you can select your Tifftaff folder and click OK.
  6. Finally, name your rule e.g. Tifftaff in box 4.
  7. From now on, messages from tifftaff will move directly to the Tifftaff folder when they are downloaded.  And don't worry that you will miss them – the number of these new emails will appear in blue next to the folder name to alert you,  just as they do in the Inbox.


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