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Your Space Music Lessons

They laughed when I sat down at the piano,
but when I started to play........

Have you ever wanted to play the piano? Now you have an exciting chance to begin, or continue where you left off - finish that piece you have always wanted to play!

Olwen MacLeod has set up a new online piano lessons service,, from her remote Island location on North Uist in Scotland. Her beautiful location was the inspiration to create a new way to offer music lessons to anyone wherever their location. The service has attracted a number of highly talented teachers from all around the UK and a range of young and mature pupils.

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Why should I learn?

The piano is a beautiful instrument to both see and hear, by trying piano lessons you could open up a whole new world of reading music and the joy of making your own sound. The astounding melodies of Mozart and Beethoven could be heard played by your own fingertips! When you have learned a piece of music you will feel an enormous sense of achievement and pride, especially if you can surprise friends and family with your skills. Imagine!

Did you know that neurologists are discovering how learning to play an instrument gives a full workout to your brain? Researchers say that it effects every single area of the brain with emphasis on motor, visual and auditory cortices. Not only that but with practice it helps to connect both right and left sides of the brain. All good exercise for the grey cells and that's great news.

Why 'Your Space Music Lessons'?

If you are sold on the idea of playing the piano, then 'Your Space Music Lessons' can make it easy for you and deliver the lesson to you in the comfort of your home. Your teacher will call you on Skype (free and easy to download) each week and you will be able to see your teacher, and they will see you at your piano, then the lesson will commence.

This service is also particularly suited to people who find it difficult to get out of the house but who would relish the opportunity to learn. It also brings together some of the most talented teachers in the UK knitted together through this vibrant online music school.

Your Space Music Lessons take each pupil and teach them according to their needs. Some people like to challenge themselves to take piano exams (ABRSM), whilst others bring along a piece of music and say 'I would like to learn this.' Each pupil is unique and will be encouraged and supported on their musical journey.

What do I need?

Most people now have the technology already in their homes to enable lessons online. You will need a computer/laptop or tablet with a webcam, internet connection and a keyboard instrument, i.e. piano, electric piano or keyboard with full keys. During the first lesson your teacher will work together with you to get the camera positioned correctly to ensure the highest quality lesson.

You will also need to download Skype on your computer. You may already use this free service to see and speak to friends and family. Visit to download the software quickly and easily.

What do I do next?

If you are interested in piano lessons from Your Space Music Lessons, try booking a free taster session. During this 20 minute session you can discuss your thoughts and aspirations and consider if piano lessons are for you.

Each lesson costs £15 for 30 minutes with a talented and experienced piano teacher. There is no obligation to buy any lessons following the free session.

For more information please visit

Or try a free taster session, just click here to register.

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