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Investing Your Money
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For people with sizeable nest eggs, who are prepared to accept a pre-agreed level of risk with their capital, investing can prove a rewarding way of making more from your money.


The Problem With Saving

The economic turmoil of recent years continues to make life difficult for so many people. This includes savers especially, who have found interest rates on traditional deposit-based accounts available through banks and building societies tumbling to historic low levels, due to Bank of England base rate.

If you’re relying on deposit-based savings to store and grow your nest egg or as a source of income, the chances are it’s not achieving a rewarding rate of return. Yet it gets worse, because when you consider the impact of inflation – the rate at which the cost of living rises by – your money may actually be losing money in real terms.

Where to Invest?

If you’ve never invested before, it can appear confusing and daunting. After all, who wants to entrust their money into something they don’t really understand? And who wants to risk potentially losing money especially in retirement?

However, it needn’t be as complicated or as risky as you might think. By obtaining the right financial advice you can ensure everything is made clear to you before making any commitment, and that your money is invested in a way that suits your appetite to risk and reward.

You may like to take a look at the Types of Financial Advisor' to identify which sort of advisor you would prefer.

With a number of advisers there is no-obligation to act upon on their advice, or a fee to pay for receiving it. This means you can find out whether investing your money might be right for you without having to spend a penny, unless you go on to act upon their advice. They are likely instead to charge a fee for the products they arrange for you, initial and/or ongoing, which should be disclosed to you in writing before you make a final decision.

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