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Healthy Eyes in later life

                                                 October 2004



Think Healthy Eyes
    Think ICaps
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Icaps, a dietary supplement for eyes, is a specialised formula of antioxidant vitamins and minerals which are important to vision and eye health.

ICaps contains the natural antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are concentrated in the macula (the area of the eye where the incoming rays of light are focused) and which help to protect the eye by reducing oxidative stress and absorbing damaging blue light.

Research has shown that these natural carotenoids, found in green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and cabbage may have a positive effect on the macula and ocular health, particularly in the over 40s.


Many supplements contain 100% RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) of vitamins and minerals which may be sufficient to avoid deficiency but these levels are possibly too low to have a positive effect on eye health.

However, ICaps contains high potency antioxidants, vitamins and zinc at concentrations deliberately set above the RDA to provide maximum benefit.
ICaps is recommended by ophthalmologists, opticians and nutritionists and is available from opticians and pharmacists.

Eye Health

Diet - Eating a healthy and balanced diet, including lots of fruit and vegetables will help keep our eyes healthy. However, positive measures to promote eye health include eating five portions of green vegetables a day – a quantity which is difficult to achieve! ICaps is equivalent to four portions of fruit and vegetables per day and can help bridge the gap caused by dietary deficiency.

Eye Checks

• Have regular check ups with an optician - everyone is at risk of eyesight problems whatever their age. By visiting the optician regularly, eye conditions can be found early on.

• Between 50 and 75 years of age, you should have an eye check at least every two years.

Contact Lenses

• Never sleep with your contact lenses still in your eyes unless your optician or ophthalmologist advises that it is acceptable.

• Always look after your contact lenses as detailed by your optician or ophthalmologist.

Sunglasses – Always wear UV protected sunglasses when you’re in direct sunlight to avoid potential UV damage.

ICaps are recommended by Ophthalmologists, opticians and nutritionists and available ICaps are widely available from opticians and pharmacists. Call freephone 0800 092 4567 or visit for stockists information and further product details

ICaps retail at 9.95 for a one-month pack of 60 tablets.
ICaps are not recommended for Children or in Pregnancy.

Advertisement by Alcon

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