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Anti-ageing remedy Kudos 24  

Kudos 24: Multi-active Age Management Complex is the brainchild of Hazel Courteney, award winning health columnist, author and broadcaster.

 After years of taking up to twenty different supplements each day to maintain the best possible health, Hazel decided that she wanted an ‘all in one’ anti-ageing supplement. And as she couldn’t find one to suit her requirements, she formulated Kudos 24 herself.  

Heather chose ingredients that should provide all the nutrients required to slow the ageing process for men and women of all ages. Having spent over twenty years investigating alternative treatments, she believes that nutrition and taking the right supplements is the cornerstone of both vitality and longevity.


Why do we need supplements?  Says Heather, For years doctors have been telling us that if we eat a healthy, balanced diet then we will receive all the nutrients we need. But only 5 per cent of people in the West actually eat a healthy balanced diet. Thanks to stress and a whole host of modern day gut problems such as IBS, 70 per cent of the population are not absorbing sufficient nutrients from their diet.”  

You can buy Kudos 24 via Nutricentre

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She is also concerned about the quality of food today. “Intensive farming methods in the West, plus acid rain and overuse of artificial fertilisers, have reduced the ability of our fruits, vegetables and grains to absorb minerals. Calcium and magnesium levels in broccoli and carrots have fallen by 75 per cent in some places. Other fruits and vegetables are flown thousands of miles and stored for weeks, and then cooked, which further depletes nutrient levels.

Kudos 24 contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But it’s the combination with other ingredients that makes it different.  Heather worked for months with chemists, nutritionists and like minded people to make Kudos possible.  “They helped me to realise my dream. We have included, in a carefully balanced ratio, essential fats, brain foods, green food extracts, aloe vera, enzymes, DHA, CoQ10 and anti ageing supplements such as Carnosine – proven to extend cell life and regenerate skin cells. Just two teaspoons a day provides a 24 hour protective, regenerative and highly absorbable nutrient base, to help slow ageing both physically and mentally.”  

Kudos 24 is in powder form and comes in a 189g bottle, which is 30 days supply, price 65. The supplement is available at leading department stores, health shops and independent pharmacies and from the Nutri Centre.

Suggested intake  

Two teaspoonfuls, preferably before breakfast or when convenient.


If you are taking any regular medicines or are unsure about embarking on a new supplement, talk to your doctor or health professional.  



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