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Sex sizzles for the over fifties

September 2004 


Sex sizzles for the over fifties
Cupboard love takes on a whole new meaning as over-50s head for the potting shed to spice up their sex lives.

According to a new national survey of 8,000 people in their 50s, the majority reckon they are having the best sex of their lives. Most have sex "two or three times a week", with an energetic seven per cent claiming to be at it "four times a week or more".

For most, sex lasts for between 16 and 30 minutes (29.6 per cent), with four per cent claiming their marathon sessions go on beyond two hours.


The in-depth survey, conducted by Complan Active, the energy chocolate bar, reveals that these sex sessions could take place anywhere... A third of the over-50s claim they have had outdoors sex in the country, a fifth have indulged in a car and a daring two per cent have joined the 'Mile High Club'. (Whether they did this in their younger days, or whether they were possessed by over-vivid imaginations was not made clear by the survey.)

And when it comes to the home, most couples over 50 are apparently
incapable of waiting until they get to the bedroom to make love.

The living room is the most desirable spot for passion according to more
than 43 per cent, followed by the bathroom (29.6 per cent), the kitchen
(19.8 per cent), the stairs (13.6 per cent), conservatory (9.3 per cent)
and even the potting shed (3.1 per cent).

Why all this activity? One explanation is that older couples are more comfortable with their own bodies and self image which makes them less inhibited, more adventurous than perhaps they could be when they were younger, when they may have felt more constrained by the conventions of their elders, and more

The one thing that can sometimes dampen the ardour of the over-50s is
lack of energy, with over 70 per cent admitting that their sex life can
flag for this reason.

Of the 8,000 over-50s polled, just over 82 per cent were involved in a
sexual relationship, and 80.6 per cent say they are still attracted to their partner, "regardless of ageing".

A satisfied 54.9 per cent claim their sex life is better than when they
were younger, with most (27.4 per cent) claiming the improvement is
because they have learned what they like and don't like in bed.

A red-blooded 77.2 per cent of those surveyed believe they will still be
enjoying an active sex life in 10 years' time.

Further National Statistics:

  • Nearly a third of those surveyed had fulfilled sexual fantasies since turning 50

  • Men and women don't seem to see eye-to-eye on the length of lovemaking... While only 3.6 per cent of men admit that sex usually
    lasts less than two minutes, around 10 per cent of women believe this to
    be the case.

  • And nearly twice as many men (4.8 per cent) than women (2.5 per cent) claim to be having regular marathon sessions of more than
    two hours

  • Prince William narrowly beat Gordon Ramsay to be voted
    the most sexually attractive male among women over 50, with 21.5 per
    cent of the female votes. Gordon came a close second with 20.3% of the
    female votes.

  • In next place, Tom Jones proved older guys can still have what it takes with the ladies, gaining 16.5% of female votes. Mick Jagger, on the other hand, seems to have lost his touch, gaining only 3.8 per cent of female votes

  • Britney topped the list of most sexually attractive female with 33.7 per cent of male votes.

  • Surprise entries, Charles and Camilla, had very similar scores. Camilla gained 1.2 per cent of male votes whilst Charles gained 2.5 per cent of female votes. Interestingly Camilla also scored 1.3% of female votes!



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