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Accessible Restaurants and Pubs

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Have you ever had difficulty with venues that didn't cater for those with restricted mobility? is a new website , which simply lists restaurants, pubs and snack bars which say they have disabled access plus a disabled toilet.


The site is the brainchild of Mary Dixon, a wheelchair user herself.


When Mary carried out her survey of pubs, restaurants and snack bars around Britain she described the results as both humiliating and hilarious. For example from a Cornish pub. "We are fully accessible," says the landlady confidently. If nature calls, "there are always three strong men here to carry you down".


Which areas are covered?

The website covers every corner of the UK from the Hebrides to the Scillies. There are nearly 4000 establishments listed, and more are added every week.

Why was this website developed?

Photograph of Mary Dixon founder of yourlevelbest.comThe founder Mary Dixon, a wheelchair-user, likes to keep her social life going! She realised that those with mobility-problems who go to unfamiliar areas of the UK cannot always be sure of being able to enjoy eating /drinking out with family or friends—because of access worries.

She says this kind of information will be particularly useful for holidaymakers.

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone who has restricted mobility plus their family and friends. [ie millions of people]. She researched the demand for it at the wheelchair section of Charlton Athletic FC, where she is a season ticket holder because ‘They were exactly the group I wanted—people with mobility problems but with enough cash and energy to go out’

Suggesting venues

Just log on and choose ‘submit a venue’ or email at If you want to have a chat with Mary phone 0208 355 4328.

Don’t forget: venues must have wheelchair access and a disabled toilet.

Disability Discrimination Act


Hopefully the disability discrimination act will eventually remove this problem. In the meantime Mary's site provides a valuable guide.



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