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Implementing the UK Age Discrimination Act


Implementing the UK Age Discrimination Act – 1 day workshop

Anti Age Discrimination Legislation became law in the UK from 1st October 2006. This gave rights to EVERY working person in the UK and those applying for and undertaking vocational training.

Employers must ensure their policies and practices are in order so that they avoid potentially expensive claims under the Age Discrimination Legislation – there is no upper limit on compensation for successful claims.

How prepared is your organisation?

At Laterlife Learning we offer a 1 day in-house workshop to enable you to understand the law and its implications, but more importantly to focus on ensuring that your anti age discrimination strategy is effective and compliant with the regulations.

At Laterlife we have hundreds of people attend our Retirement Planning workshops and millions of visits to our web site each year. We have been involved with the ‘Age Agenda’ for over 12 years and our experience can help you not just conform to the Age Discrimination Act, but assist in adopting practices which make the most of your older workforce.

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'Implementing the UK Age Discrimination Act

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Overview of the Age Discrimination Act for employers

Implementing the Age Discrimination Act Workshop - More details

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