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Wanted - older workers..



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  Wanted - Older Workers - Yes really!

ASDA is looking for workers in the 50-plus age group. The stores currently employ 17,405 older workers, almost 16 per cent of the total workforce, and is looking to increase that to 20 per cent.

Asda-butcher.jpg (7518 bytes)One way they are doing it - in addition to featuring on - is to send recruitment teams to coffee mornings, pension queues, bingo halls and other places where they reckon seniors hang out.They will be distributing flyers and details of industry-leading benefits such as Grandparent’s Leave and Benidorm Leave, of which more later*. ASDA believes this hands on approach, combined with the fact that it was recently voted Britain’s Best Company to Work for by a prestigious Sunday Times survey, will prove a powerful draw for older people craving a challenge in later life.  


The ‘Goldies’ campaign is looking for people who’ve already celebrated their own personal golden anniversary [anyone over 50 years old]. Posters, shelf labels and flyers will appear in all 252 stores calling on older customers to turn their weekly visit to ASDA into something more permanent.  

Asda-bingo.jpg (7387 bytes)In November 1999 ASDA opened its first store where over 50 per cent of the workforce were aged 50 or over in Broadstairs. The pilot confirmed ASDA’s hunch that colleagues being over 50 were more than a match for those half their age when it came to enthusiasm, experience and offering excellent customer service.

Since the increase of the numbers of older workers ASDA has seen absenteeism drop to levels that are a third lower than its national average; labour turnover rates at one per cent less than ASDA average and a more flexible and better motivated workforce. 

ASDA and Older Workers …

  • Older workers have proven to be particularly good greeters – people at the front of the store welcoming customers, letting them know about today’s best deals and announcing when hot bread is available;

  • *Benidorm Leave –up to three months unpaid leave regardless of job, contracted hours or length of employment while treating service as continuous;

  • Grand Parents Leave - On the birth of a grandchild, grandparents are often involved in carer duties. To help with this up to a week’s leave is available.


Asda currently employs...

  • 13990 colleagues aged between 50 and 60

  • 2382 colleagues aged between 60 and 65

  • 750 colleagues aged between 65 and 70

  • 283 colleagues aged over 70


Meet some of ASDA’s workforce

  • Alan Gasgoigne, 78, porter at Wallington ASDA - “I quickly got bored of retirement so I applied to ASDA.  That was 13 years ago.  I like meeting new people everyday and helping to make their visit to the store enjoyable.  Best of all is the way I feel valued, it’s not just the benefits, it’s the attitude of the colleagues.”

  • Pete (77) and Anne (58) Hooper, handyman and greeter at ASDA Mansfield - Pete left his job with a local security firm aged 76 but never quite settled into his retirement. His restlessness prompted him to become the ASDA Mansfield Santa last year - his wife Anne also works at the store as Mrs Claus.  After Christmas the store asked him to stay on as a handyman and he and Anne have been there ever since.

  • Bill Strachan, 81, porter at ASDA Portlethen, Scotland – Bill, an ex-farmer, has lived and worked all over Britain and has been with ASDA since 1993. Bill was a night-watchman for Aberdeen City Council until he retired at 65 but the quiet life didn’t suit him. Bill missed the company of the workplace, “It’s an honour to know that I’m the oldest ASDA colleague in Scotland. All the colleagues are so good to me and work keeps me active and out of the pub.”


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