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Retired from teaching? Here's to a new career                  March 2006

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Retired from teaching? Here's to a new career

If you are about to retire, or have recently retired from teaching, becoming an examiner could give you a rewarding opportunity to keep earning and learning. And you can start examining when you retire, even if you have never done it before.

Awarding bodies may set and mark the examinations, but the system would fail without the support of the professionals who teach the courses also examining them.

Last year, the National Assessment Agency and the awarding bodies had a record number of applicants, but they still need more in 2006, especially in English, history, psychology and religious studies.

Staying in touch

As well as being welcome additional income, examining keeps you in touch with your peers and your subject at a potentially isolating stage in your career.
Psychology examiner Robert Arnold finds it is his main way of keeping up with developments in his subject. He says, ‘It maintains a contact with Psychology which hasn’t gone away just because I’ve stopped teaching. Being an examiner is the main way I keep up with my subject, apart from reading New Scientist’.

History examiner, Janet Patterson, took early retirement and now works part time throughout most of the year as an examiner. She explains that examining has expanded her history knowledge. ‘I have now started to mark 19th and early 20th centuries, which was not my specialism. I’ve discovered a great passion for Lloyd George I didn’t know I had!’

General experience also needed

If you’re interested in examining
but find the panels are full for your first choice of subject, why not consider applying in another subject you used to teach? For example, do you have an experience in general or religious studies outside your main specialism?

Nine out of ten examiners say they would recommend examining and plan to do the job again this year. The awarding bodies welcome applications at all stages of your career and it’s never been easier to apply. Find out more and apply on-line at Edexcel Online




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