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Buying property abroad in later life

If you have been inspired or encouraged by Olive Braman’s accounts in laterlife of  living part-time abroad, (see the links below) then you will be interested in a book by Liz Hodgkinson, called  The Complete Guide to Buying Property Abroad

By ‘abroad’, the author means Europe, North America and  the Caribbean, a wide brief that includes answers to practical questions and also helps potential buyers focus on individual needs.  Do you want a place in the sun, a retirement home, an investment? Could you take on a tumbledown wreck or is it better to buy into a brand-new property development? How far are you prepared to travel? 

If you look at the quotes, personal accounts and case histories, you will see several familiar names from laterlife popping up. Liz came to us for help in finding interviewees when she was preparing the book. 

Also take a look at our Guide to Moving Abroad, which will give you lots of ideas, hints and tips on what to look for and look out for if you are considering a move to another country.

The Complete Guide to Buying Property Abroad is published by Kogan Page and is available from Amazon. Just click on the link or book cover above.


Articles on buying property abroad

If you are still unsure about buying property abroad then take a look at the articles below on some of the pros and cons!

Living part time abroad a 3 part series by Olive Braman

  1. Snowbirds

  2. Back in Spain

  3. Conclusion


Brits in Spain Part 1
Brits in Spain Part 2

Buying a house in France - a series by Helen Franks

HelenFranks_small.jpg (2707 bytes)Buying a house in France 1
Helen ponders about buying a house in France.

Buying a house in France 2
Helen is still undecided whether to choose a holiday home in France.
Buying a house in France 3
Helen comes to a decision - of sorts

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Useful websites for buying property abroad

Buying Property Abroadis a UK portal with a comprehensive listing of useful sites for buying property abroad

French Property. This site quotes more than 2000 properties for sale in France from over 40 estate agents / Immobiliers and dozens of private sellers.

For 10 top tips about moving abroad and for more information about what to think about, go to
Here you will find¬† some excellent advice and help when you’re considering moving abroad.



If you want a liitle more variety than a single location abroad, and with much less outlay, then take a look at the Holiday Property Bond investment information.

See our features section article on Holidays for Life

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