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Planning Retirement Online


The Laterlife Cafe has now moved to its new home on the Later Lifestyle network.

We very much hope you will join us in the refurbished surroundings of the new Later Lifestyle Cafe.

You will need to complete a simple registration to make full use of the new facilities.

You can still view the original postings in the laterlife cafe.

        Enjoying laterlife

The forums offer you the opportunity to express your views and comments (subject to the house rules) and benefit from the experiences of others.

To enter the Enjoying laterlife discussion forum click on the link above or below

Enjoying laterlife

The forum is a general forum covering any aspect of over 50 interests.

Simply browse the discussion threads.

Ask any question that you think someone else may be able to help with.

Share your ideas, knowledge and experiences,

or start a discussion on any topic of your choosing.


  By participating in any of the forums you are confirming your acceptance of the terms & conditions.

Please note that advertising is not permitted in forum postings. If in doubt email with a query.

House rules

We want to make this forum a lively and enjoyable place to visit and to encourage participation by everyone.

So there are just 3 house rules that we ask everyone to abide by:

1. Be supportive to others in the forum, and welcome and assist new joiners.

2. We want to encourage lively debate and controversy at times. Everyone has different opinions – if you disagree by all means debate the point they are making, but respect their opinion and never attack the person, write something spiteful or hurtful, or try to browbeat.

3. If someone disagrees with you, don’t take it personally or be over sensitive. It is very easy with words alone to get the wrong impression – give the author the benefit of the doubt and respond to the point. If necessary politely suggest it could have been better put so as not to cause offence.

Instead of a swear box we have an ‘over the top’ box and the ‘foot and mouth club’. Anyone breaking the rules inadvertently is asked to own up, become a member of the ‘foot and mouth’ club and make a small ‘over the top’ donation to Save the Children or other Charity. is optimistic and constructive in its outlook. We hope forum users will take these rules on board so that we all enjoy our later life to the full!




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