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Nursing Residential and Care Homes

Kettle tipperIf you are searching for Care Homes or Care Home related information then there are some very useful Care Home sites available. We have selected a small number of Care Home sites below,  which between them provide extensive coverage of Care Home related information.

However also see our new Guide to Residential Care Homes which provides comprehensive information about types of homes and how to select one.

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Take a look at our section on living aids

Also have a look at our other pages on this topic:

Nursing, Residential and Care Homes

Care Quality Commission

 The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the official watchdog for adult social care in England.

It inspects and reports on adult social care services and councils to help improve quality for people who use services.

If you or someone you know is looking for care, visit the Commission's award-winning website where you can:

  • Search the comprehensive directory of care homes and other services, like home care, to find your local services

  • Download free, independent reports on the quality of every registered care service to help you make an informed choice

  • Get straightforward advice and useful checklists on how to choose a good care home or care service.

Comprehensive information and help to both those looking for care and for the providers of care, including listings of approximately 25,000 residential and nursing homes in mainland Britain at Guide2care

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A unique information resource
Finding appropriate care can be a complex and demanding task. You will need to know what rights you have, what range of services is available, how to choose and, not least, how to fund your choice. Many people find themselves overwhelmed at the enormity of the task.

The care directions site is designed to give you access to a whole range of essential information, facilities and services which will make your task and your choices easier and hopefully the outcome more successful. is a nationwide directory of residential and nursing homes for the elderly and infirm, set up as an information service for those seeking to use care homes in the United Kingdom.

The site provides a listing of care homes in the UK, with contact details and, in many cases photographs and further information. It also offers advice on how to choose the most suitable care home. As at 9 July 07, the site is inaccessible, but do try it through Google to see if it has been restored. If not, you can go to:

The Care Homes Directory is a directory of nursing homes with a useful checklist of questions when contacting a care home available on the home page.

Each of the nursing and care homes featured at The Care Homes Directory has a description, photographs and contact information enabling you to get further information and finally arrive at an informed decision

Associated Nursing Services website. Contains their Resident Charter and explains the Philosophy behind the methods of care used at ANS homes. It also gives a complete listing of the locations of the homes in the UK and details for contacting ANS to arrange application for places and visits.

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