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When someone dies

Most people are unsure of what to do when someone dies. The procedures differ slightly according to whether the death is at home, in a nursing home, in hospital, or if the death is a sudden unexpected one in which case it is normal for the coroner to be involved.

Procedures may also vary throughout the UK. Your funeral director will advise you accordingly. If you would like to contact Funeralcare straight away please click here for details.

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You can view a brief guide to the procedures when someone dies, on the Funeralcare web site, or request the Funeralcare Guide entitled:

Your guide to funeralcare - things you need to know when arranging a funeral


How to organise a funeral

The job of a funeral director is to take care of practical arrangements for you at a time of great distress. This means advising you of the options and choices for the funeral and seeing that arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes and those of the person who has died.

You will need to make early decisions including whether it will be a burial or a cremation.

We recommend you speak directly to your funeral director about how to organise the funeral, but you can view a preliminary guide on the funeralcare web site which includes

  • a unique tribute - alternatives from traditional funerals to woodland burials,

  • burials - including making it special

  • cremations - including scattering, burying or keeping the ashes

  • what happens on the day of the funeral

  • flowers, notices, book and memorial

  • how much will it cost

or request the free Funeralcare Guide entitled:

Your guide to funeralcare -
things you need to know when arranging a funeral

Writing a Eulogy

funeralcare-eulogy.jpg (6217 bytes)Writing and giving a eulogy is a way of saying farewell to someone who has died that, in a sense, brings the person to life in the minds of the audience.

For the majority of us writing and giving a eulogy is something we have no experience of and therefore we find it difficult to know where to start.

As part of Funeralcare's commitment to helping people arrange funerals which truly reflect the life of an individual, they’ve produced the free guide entitled:

“Well Chosen Words – How to write a eulogy”.


Planning ahead

New research carried out by Co-operative Funeralcare business has highlighted people’s increasing interest in planning their own funeral, to take the burden off their family and friends.

funeralcare-prepay.jpg (3927 bytes)Funeralcare's Pre-Payment Plan can help reduce the emotional and financial burdens from relatives and friends. It is a simple way of providing for the cost of your funeral in advance, and at the same time making sure your specific wishes are observed in every detail



Green or Woodland burials

An increasing number of people are seeking to have more control over their own funerals to ensure the ceremony reflects their own personality and beliefs. See Co-operative Funeralcare's
information on Green Burials.

Also read our article about woodland burials.

Visit for more information

and read about eco-coffins


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