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Separation and Divorce in later life

Sadly, divorce and separation are still a feature in laterlife, even after surviving many years of marriage. In this section we've tried to pull together some resources to help during what can't  fail to be a troubling time. There is an article on Divorce over 50 by Judith Ball a Family Law specialist. We also include a page on re-marriage and one on making a success of stepfamilies, with some useful links to other experts.

As well as the web sites listed below we would encourage you to have a look through the articles below by Maggi Stamp - laterlife's relationship counsellor. Every month Maggi Stamp, a qualified and experienced relationship counsellor for Relate and in private practice, writes about some of the emotional challenges we meet in later life. If you would like to see the rest of Maggi's articles please follow this link to the laterlife Relationship Counselling Index

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Still strangers after all these years

First steps to a new beginning

A new start after divorce

What about the children

Time for a Spring-clean

Is it our age or is our marriage on the rocks?

 Crazy Time - Surviving Divorce

National Council for the Divorced and Separated
This UK site offers access to a network of local social clubs aimed specifically at the divorced and separated to help with a new beginning and new friendships. It is a bit sparse in terms of online content but will give you the contact details for your nearest branch

National flexi number, calls charged at local rates 07041 478120.

Divorce Aid is a new and extensive self-help and support website for families going through the separation and divorce process. The articles range from factual and practical, to alternative approaches to coping. It aims to reduce the conflict and distress associated with the divorce process, thus enabling families to minimise legal costs. Divorce Aid is already receiving much praise from many national organisations and agencies as well as the public. There is a wide variety of useful information and links, well worth investigating.


SA Law have a great section covering divorce questions. providing answerson how divorce works, things to consider if you have children, to how divorce can affect your finances and property.

DivorceOnline is another excellent resource of practical and legal advice as well as an online community for divorcees.

Counselling Directory is a website that provides a counselling support network enabling those who need one to find a counsellor near them. It's free to use and the idea is to make it easy for people to seek help if they feel that they need it.

There are a few American slanted sites listed below so be careful about legal advice offered which may not apply over here, never the less there is some useful information.

Shared Parenting - Divorce Support Net Links Part of the US site, a lot of the information is relevant to the UK.

SPIG - Guidelines for separating parents The Shared Parenting Information Group offers advice and support for families who are separated or divorced.

Family Law Advice on Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Visitation, Alimony, etc Once more this is an American site, so the legal information is not relevant to the UK. If anyone could set up a UK based version of this I'm sure that the response would be well worth the effort. 

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