Make the most of your Leisure time in Later Life


This is the introduction to making the most of your Leisure time in later life...  more

Things To Do

You may want to celebrate an event, organise a theatre trip, a weekend break or venture up in an air balloon! Whatever takes your fancy, here are some ideas and sites to help you. more

Celebrating in later life

There are plenty of opportunities for celebrating in later life and often a bit more time to plan the celebration and make it something special. more

Learning in Later Life

With so much extra leisure time in retirement there is a great opportunity to learn something new. This section looks at some helpful websites and niche Apps to get you thinking. more

Hobbies and Interests

If you have some time on your hands, you may be thinking about taking up a new hobby or developing an existing interest further. more

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Later Life Leisure
Leisure Section
This page contains articles on particular hobbies, great ideas for things to do, using the internet as well as handy life guides.

Later Life Leisure
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Check out the LaterLife Out of the Box series.

Through highlighting a different hobby or activity in each article, this series can get you started on new ideas for things to do.

Here is a selection to get you thinking:


LaterLife Bandit

The LaterLife one-armed bandit is intended to make a bit of fun out of what is an important issue for many of us who are retired – deciding how to spend and make the most of our time.

The aim is to generate a wide variety of ideas about things to do, or places to visit, in a random fashion in the hope that this might tempt you out of your comfort zone to try something a little different.

Planning Retirement Online


Enjoying Later Life

Enjoying later life is one of the fundamental goals behind This section aims to introduce a range of ideas and provide access to information for having fun and enjoying life to the full. It is particularly relevant as you start to have more time on your hands around retirement, but provides useful ideas and information at any time.

Under this section there is information on new hobbies, sports, holidays, learning, and much more. But this isn't only about the ideas and information already covered here, LaterLife is about sharing ideas, and using our joint experience to provide new ideas and information for one another.


Enjoying Life Through the Web

If you are reading this it's a good bet that you are at least slightly familiar with the Internet. This section has links to sites offering information, training and advice on getting the best use out of the Internet. Read our Guide to Making the Most of the Internet too.


Making New Friends

For many of us, making friends in later life, and particularly after we retire, can prove a challenge. Here we give ideas on extending that network.



Researching Your Family Tree?

Whether you are just starting out to trace your ancestors and to build your family tree or whether you are already an experienced family history researcher, we aim to  help you with tips for getting started and for sources of information online and offline.

Visit our Genealogy section


Sports & Activities

There are some excellent sources of information on the Web whether you are thinking of taking up new sports or activities or whether you are interested in advanced information on a particular sport.


Local Leisure

Looking at Council and Tourist websites is a great way to find out what is happening in your local area.

Below is a list of resources that cover events and things to do across the UK, which can be split by region making it easy to find local attractions.


There is no doubt that grandchildren are one of the joys of growing old. It's often said that they are better than our own children because we can give them back when we have done our bit with them.


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