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Planning Retirement Online

Enjoying life through the web


The web has great potential for improving our quality of life. The information on this page is  intended to help you make the most of the web if you are new to its virtues and pitfalls.

To help both new users and the more experienced we have introduced a Question and Answer feature called You can do IT. Take a look at the YoucandoIT index for past Q&As and the laterlife today section to check for the latest feature.

Aso, take a look at our 'Guide to Making the Most of the Internet'.

lifelong learning - learn more about the web, internet explorer, netscape, microsoft office or html programmingComputer training online

laterlife have teamed up with Learn-smart to make available a whole range of online training from basic computer skills to web design and programming. AND Learn-smart are offering laterlife visitors an excellent 25% discount -  for example access to over 400 hours of Desktop Computer training for 12 months for just 99.95.

For lots of ideas about how to make best use of the Internet, go to the laterlife Guide to Making the Most of the Internet. The Guide isn't for experts on computers and use of the Internet but for people who are just starting out on their journey into cyberspace and want to find out a bit more.


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