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Laterlife visits Estée lauder

Maureen Green visits Estée Lauder for (November 2000)

In the blue brocade drawing room of the Mayfair house which serves as headquarters to Estée Lauder in London (Estée Lauder installed one in all of her international head offices, the most opulent in New York overlooking Central Park), was treated to a display of the Estée Lauder skin-care range, produced by their extensive labs on Long Island.


Estée Lauder has long been a company which pays attention to the delicate , thinner skin of middle age and older. Among the turquoise and navy blue packages of skin-care creams and lotions and make-up aids, the boxes of " Resilience Lift " (cream for dry skin, lotion for combination skin) stood out as targeted specifically at the problems of loss of firmness , dehydration, age spots and dull looking skin which older women contend with. Daily use on face and neck, this cream is designed to lift and tone facial contours, and deliver intensive moisture while diminishing sun and age spots. Also - and most important - it protects against such problems with antioxidant vitamins C and E, plus a broad spectrum sun-screen.

Karen GrahamTo launch " Resilience Lift" in 1999, Lauder brought back their top model of the 1970s and 80s. She's 53 year old Karen Graham, now director of a fly-fishing school in upstate New York, who has come out of her semi-retirement to face the cameras again and campaign for " how beautiful women are as they get older ".

Lauder are delighted with the results of a recent French nutritional study on women in three different climatic areas of France, to test for health results of taking vitamins and antioxidant supplements. Lauder joined in as the sole cosmetic house, and proved that the application of their cream, with its antioxidant content, decreased wrinkles and protected against thinning skin. There was no sign that vitamins and antioxidants taken as supplements made any difference to the skin at all, despite general health benefits. After 18 months , the period of the French survey, lines and wrinkles had been reduced by 23% in the control group only using Lauder creams.

Skin creams with claims like these are never cheap, and Lauder products are in the top price brackets, with 30 ml of the Resilience Lift Face and Throat Crème costing £29 (50 ml £43.00), the lotion selling at £39.00 for 50 ml.

Retinol has been the substance recommended by word of mouth for some time now, and many cosmetic houses have pursued the benefits of doses of this Vitamin A derivative, retinoic acid, which stimulates the natural production of collagen and the elasticity of the skin. In intensive doses this is a prescription-only medication. The Estée Lauder version, Diminish Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Treatment, is formulated to deliver pure retinol doses over a period of 12 hours, since they argue that the skin is easily "flooded" with the substance and can only take in so much at a time. For use overnight, Diminish is packaged to protect this unstable molecule from light and oxygen .The claim is that deep lines and wrinkles will be reduced by 50 % in just 8 weeks. Apply at night on fine lines around the eyes, lines on the forehead or laugh lines around the mouth. Diminish was launched in 1998 , and costs £35 for 30 ml.

Shrinking from the sun , avoiding smoking, and drinking lots of water throughout the day are all basics in caring for the skin , the body’s largest organ. But what of those who work or live in the great outdoors, or who in one way or another are bound to suffer from some environmental onslaughts ? The Lauder solution is Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex. Applied at bedtime, this is designed to undo the damage, and correct the garbled genetic message that tells the growing cells to reproduce in less than perfect ways. For those who fear that daily exposure to moderate sunlight, smoke or pollution are taking a toll on their skin, Advanced Night Repair is the corrective . Available for £29.00 for 30 ml, £43.OO for 50 ml.

How much can make-up do to enhance the older face and give more definition? What are the main effects to go for ? The advice from Estee Lauder is to keep it simple and concentrate on the main expression areas of eyes and mouth.

Anything that blurs rather than sharpens does no favours , and there can be pitfalls in eye make-up that sticks to parts of the eye area rather than staying on the lid, and with lipstick that seeps out or "feathers" as they say at Estee Lauder into any lines around the mouth.

Around the eyes, Lauder recommends that their eyeshadow two colour packs are applied with a damp brush for stronger and longer retention on the eyelid. Around the mouth , the automatic pencil for lips can be used to outline and contain the lip area and then filled in with a moisturising "Pure Color" lipstick. For both areas , the range includes Eyezone to deal with puffiness in the eye area and Lipzone , which smooths away vertical lines around the lips.

To reduce fine lines around eyes and brighten what is often a darker area of skin on the mature face, try Unline. And for days when driving or sitting over a computer can put extra strain on the eye area, slap on the Stress Relief Eye Mask, two semi-circle pads soaked in a hydrating and soothing liquid to reduce irritation and the appearance of wrinkles.

Most women know a thing or two about their own skin by later years, and they have probably got into the habit of either using minimal or substantial covering foundations, to even out skin tones and disguise small blemishes. Estee Lauder’s Futurist light foundation, a liquid gel with a luminous finish, does the job of enhancing the complexion without clogging. Futurist foundation in a frosted glass dispenser is available in seven skin shades, price £24.00 for 30 ml

TIP With foundation , always dab a little in the centre of the face and blend outwards, so that there is so little at the edge that there is no "edge". Then you will avoid a contrast at neck or hairline.

Study these skincare products further on the Estée Lauder website




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