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Your Family History on Film

Beautiful Memories LogoYour Family History on Film

- from your digital images £150


A new and unique gift idea

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Whether you chose to write your memoir, research your family tree or record your stories, documenting your family history has never been so popular.

Cambridge Company, Beautiful Memories is offering a new and unique service to put Your Family History on Film. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to gather all your research, photographs, images and stories and ‘Bring your Family Tree to Life.’

This is an easy, fun and affordable way to have a personal film that will be one of the most treasured items your family could own.

What happens after you place an order?
Once you have placed an order for Your Family History on Film Beautiful Memories will send you a DVD package containing:

Family history pack


• a sample DVD of Family History on Film (view demo)
• a family tree template
• a family information sheet to write your captions/stories to accompany your photographs and images
• tips on how to choose and supply your photographs and/or images
• a sheet of ‘Where to research your Family History’ information

What do you need to supply?
1. The completed family tree chart
2. The completed information form
3. Your photographs and images (select up to 40) either burnt on a CD, supplied on a memory stick, emailed or uploaded online – details will be supplied in the DVD package

What will your film include?
• your family tree chart with up to six generations, such as your grandchildren, your children, you, your parents, your grandparents and your great grandparents.
• Your 40 photographs and images each with a caption or a narration
• Music (chosen by Beautiful Memories)
• Opening title scene For example Six generations of the Smith family
• Closing credits showing family names and dates
Your film will arrive as a DVD with a printed disc showing your family name.

What you will see?
The film opens with the title page to introduce your film

colour family tree for filmThe film starts by focusing on a selected family member (this can be the person making the film or the eldest or youngest family member) and we use the family tree chart to show their position in the family.

This is followed by photographs of each person on the family tree (It is suggested that, if you have them, you chose between 3 or 4 photos of each family member, your best quality images and those that have some significance to your history/story).

You can also supply scanned birth, marriage, death certificates or any other images you want to include.

Your supplied text runs alongside the images (this would be information on where your family lived, their careers, any anecdotes, nicknames etc) or you can chose to have your film narrated.

There is a closing page with rolling credits to list family members and dates (this can be as far back as your research goes) For example:
Walter and Florence Smith 1886-1963 and 1888-1932
Thomas and Susan Smith 1847-1901 and 1848-1933

Music is used to enhance the film. This is usually a classical soft piece in keeping with pace of the film.

When will you receive Your Family History on Film DVD?
Your film will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks of receipt of your photographs and completed instructions.



£195 - Non-digital images option. (UK only)

If you don't have the photos or images you would like to use in digital format, you can still have a wonderful DVD of your family tree made. Once you've placed your order you'll receive the same DVD package as above. As before you'll be asked to complete the family tree chart and information form but this time send in up to 40 of your photos. Beautiful Memories will then scan in the images you provide and send them back to you by recorded delivery before producing your Family History on Film DVD.

Gift Certificates also available

If you want to buy either the digital and non-digital photo product as a gift for someone, you will receive a DVD package containing the information as described above not an actual gift certificate. Both products are the same prices as the actual packages.

For more information or to order send an email to or call Beautiful Memories on (+44) 01223 850167

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