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Garden Ponds and Pond Safety

January 2005  

Rosemary Martin

Garden Ponds

Part Three

There are many points to consider before putting a garden pond or water feature in your garden, some of which I have included in this mini-series. 


This month is the final edition, having only scratched the surface of what is a huge subject.


I hope it has helped in your choice..




Garden Ponds - Part one

Q:  Pond safety - will a pond be dangerous for young children who visit?

Q:  Is there enough room in my garden for a pond?

Q:  Is there a suitable aspect in my garden for a pond? 

Garden Ponds - Part 2

Q:  Is pond maintenance time consuming?

Q:  What sort of garden pond should I have?

Q:  What pond accessories will I need?

Garden Ponds - Part 3

Q:  How much will a garden pond cost?

Q:  What fish/wildlife should I stock the pond with?

Q:  Would a water feature be safer and easier to maintain?







Q: How much will a garden pond cost?



A: If you want a simple sunken garden pond with a butyl liner, which is the cheapest type of liner at about ?2 per metre, and if you have edging stones to hand and don`t need a filtration system, or electrics, your pond will cost just a few pounds..


Amazon book -  The Simple Guide to Garden Ponds If on the other hand you want a sophisticated raised brick-built koi pond with all the accompanying filtration system, electrics, lighting, fountain etc., you can look at spending hundreds of pounds, according to the size you want of course. 

Another consideration is labour costs if you are unable to build the pond yourself, and this would cost you approximately ?200 per day to include labour, machinery and VAT, but excluding materials..


So your garden pond can cost as much or as little as you feel you want to spend on the project.




Q: What fish/wildlife should I stock the pond with?


A: Before you stock your garden pond with any livestock you must let the water settle for a couple of weeks while the chlorination from the tap water neutralises. Chemicals can be bought and added to speed up this process. 


Amazon book - Creating a Garden Wildlife Pond If you want to keep fish and you are not experienced take advice from your local aquarist, who will tell you how many fish you can safely keep with the amount of water you have in your garden pond. You might think that there is plenty of room for dozens of fish, but remember how quickly they will grow. An overcrowded fish pond is unhealthy because there is not enough oxygen for all the fish. You will probably be advised to keep simple goldfish and shubunkin types initially until you are more experienced..


If you are planning a wildlife pond, get a few snails and plants from your local aquarist and leave the rest to nature.. You will find that baby frogs and many other intriguing pond living creatures will gradually start to find their way to your garden pond if you have sited it correctly in your garden and left a shallow area for wildlife to get in and out of the water...





Q: Would a water feature be safer and easier to maintain?


A: A water feature is still dangerous to young children, who can drown in something as shallow as a puddle. But you can still protect water features with covers and grids such as the ones made by this company .. Of course it is much easier to supervise young children when you have a smaller area of water which is perhaps nearer to the house..


Amazon book - A Practical Guide to Creating a Garden Pond and Year-round Maintenance As for ease of maintenance, in my experience water features are a lot easier to maintain and keep that `cared for` look, because they are usually a lot smaller. But don`t be fooled into thinking they will need little or no maintenance because there is nothing more unpleasant than switching on the pump in Springtime to be greeted with a fountain of foul smelling green stagnant water which has last season's dead leaves floating in it.


A simple bird bath in our garden tends to get thick red algae growing in it, which together with the bird droppings that accumulate in the bottom, requires it to have a good scrub and water change at least weekly.


There is then a price to pay for your pond or water feature both in terms of time and money.. It all depends on your lifestyle and budget..


   This pond safety product is a `must` if you have young children visiting and a pond in your garden:-

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Specialist suppliers and installers of garden pond safety systems. Designed with kids in mind. Protecting young children from the dangers of garden ponds and water features..


Garden Ponds - Part One

Garden Ponds - Part Two


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