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Ragwort & Pesticide News

 RAGWORT - This weed kills 6500 horses a year and ministers want us all to help stamp it out..

This statement was in my daily paper recently, but I have long known of it`s dangers and it has been a notifiable weed for many years, meaning that if anyone is seen with it on their land, by law they must get rid of it.. This in itself is not easy as the seeds can lie dormant in the soil for twenty years and if you just cut the plant down it will regrow next year twice as big. Ragwort must be pulled out, preferably before it seeds. It`s poison causes fatal liver damage to grazing horses, condemning them to an agonising death. 

What many people don`t know is that Ragwort is also toxic to humans..

Read more about Ragwort here:-

EU laws have now been enforced and many pesticides have been banned for sale, so you may want to read about that too and sort out what you have in your garden shed.
Click here if you would like to access the UK register of Government-approved pesticides.




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