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Laterlife Gardening Review

 by Rosemary Martin


Each month I review a particular aspect of gardening, including new plants and products and where to buy them. Gardening is a vast subject and as far as possible the subjects covered will be seasonal.

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August - 2001 

This month I have looked in depth at types of  lawnmowers and shredders




It will depend on the size of your lawn, as to the type of lawnmower that is suitable for you. I have listed below the different types of mowers available, the size of cutting blade (where applicable) and the price guide, based on the B & Q stores, which sell middle of the range equipment. Ask for advice from the salesperson if you are new to buying mowers as you will need something larger than a flymo for half an acre of lawn, and something smaller than a sit on tractor for a pocket handkerchief patch. Also bear in mind the need for lifting the mower over obstacles such as borders. We have a very large lawn and I have a sit on tractor that lives in the building at the bottom of the garden, with level ground at all access points. It takes me just half an hour to do our lawn, but it would take two or three hours with a flymo. So make sure you get the right tool for the job...


Have a look at the B&Q website for lawnmowers and shredders:-   Prices correct at time of publication.


Electric Hover

11" - 14" cut

38 - 118


12" - 12.5" cut

64 - 190


12" - 16" cut

60 - 138


Hover (Flymo)




12" - 12.5" cut

65 - 189


16" - 18" cut

139 - 299



I wouldn`t be without my shredder as it breaks up small branches from shrubs, hedges and trees - that would otherwise be thrown away or burned - for use on the compost heap. It is also therapeutic to use, but then I suppose I am odd...

It pays to buy the best you can afford, you would get two cheapies costing more than one expensive one and lasting less time. I have had a Bosch quiet shredder with a 2000 watt motor for years now. It is currently priced at 239 but worth every penny to me. It appears indestructible.  Again I have looked at the B & Q  equipment which ranges from 74.90 to 239.00 


It is quite late in the season to be buying lawnmowers and shredders, so you may be able to pick up an end of season bargain. Have a hunt around on the internet...


Go to the B & Q website for mowers and shredders:-



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