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Laterlife Gardening Review

by Rosemary Martin


Each month I review a particular aspect of gardening, including new plants and products and where to buy them. Gardening is a vast subject and as far as possible the subjects covered will be seasonal.

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As well as the spotlight topic below, take a look at the Gardener's Diary, if you haven't already done so. It includes all those jobs in the garden for September.

September - 2001 

This month I have looked in depth at types of basic garden tools, a list of which you will see below.  As in previous Spotlight editions, I have taken examples from the B & Q stores, as they offer a medium priced, good range of equipment. You could if you wish go to an expensive garden centre and pay much more and get better quality... If you are very new to gardening you will need to choose some starter tools of medium quality, and just buy them as you need them, don`t go rushing out to buy one of each on my list......If you are strapped for cash, have a good old rummage around at your local market, car boot sale or Sunday market. Garden tools don`t usually wear out and some bargains can be found if you look for them!  As I said before it`s a very basic choice of hand tools, and some of them, for example cultivators, lawn edgers and scarifiers can also be found as electric tools. 

Type  Purpose  from to

new tools on the market that are rather like hoes, but supposedly easier on the hands

one price 39.95

break up soil and prevent weeds

11.98 14.98
Lawn edging tools

Self explanatory really, but there are several types

4.44 14.98
garden forks

for digging up shrubs etc., and turning the soil

6.48 24.00

for weeding  in between rows of vegetables and borders

4.45 14.98

for pruning large shrubs or small branches of trees

12.97 29.98

for planting bulbs. Removes a core of the earth

1.98 9.93

for gathering up leaves, grass, stones etc

4.98 14.98

for pruning trees

4.98 26.98

for pulling dead material out of lawns

manual  19.97

for pruning small shrubs, roses etc.

3.97 19.98

for cutting hedges

5.98 24.98

for digging

6.48 24.00

for hand planting small plants  

0.98 14.98



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