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Laterlife Gardening Website Review


Mary Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?         

With silver bells and cockle shells,                    

And pretty maids all in a row....                     

If only gardening were as simple as that little nursery rhyme. But it isn`t, so we are searching out what are, in our opinion, some of the best internet gardening web sites for helping beginners get started, and the more proficient among you keep up with current trends, or just for something to read on a rainy day...


National Gardening Association 

I know this is an American website, but I loved it.. It has a Kids gardening section, free newsletter to sign up for, how-to projects, a pest control library, an active on-line community, recipes, food gardening guide and lots more. I could`ve spent hours browsing.. American gardening and the problems they have are very similar to ours, so I didn`t feel that I was in a strange environment. 

I liked this site because I could, at the click of the mouse go to any County in the UK and see `What`s on` in the way of gardens open to the public. They also sell a book, (see the yellow book to the right of this preview.) There is a newsletter to sign up for, a garden finder, there are free e-mail greetings cards of gardens to send, and news of gardens throughout the world.. 

As one would expect from this organisation, here is a very professional website that is so full of interest that it`s difficult to know where to begin describing it. I`ve just spent half an hour on the site, installed a `Ground Force` ring tone for my mobile phone, planted up a virtual garden with plants that I dragged across with my mouse, then watched as the sun travelled round for 24 hours. The idea is to enter the aspect of your own garden and you will find out what will grow happily in it..  I`ve downloaded informative screensavers and was just like a kid in a sweet shop. Oh and there is some serious stuff too! I will definitely go back when it is a rainy day. Have a look for yourself.. 

On the Home Page of this website a statement reads: `Enter a magical environment of botany and wonder` and that is exactly the right description for the site. I felt that I had somehow stumbled into the past.

The Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673, as the Apothecaries' Garden, with the purpose of training apprentices in identifying plants. The location was chosen as the proximity to the river created a warmer microclimate allowing the survival of many non-native plants - such as the largest outdoor fruiting olive tree in Britain - and more importantly, to allow plants to survive harsh British winters... 

Hydroponics is an interesting way of growing plants without soil. This site is probably of more interest to professional flower growers, but I shall have a read of it just the same, even though I may only ever grow hyacinths in water and pebbles..



More gardening related websites next month..


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