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Laterlife Gardening Website Review


Mary Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?         

With silver bells and cockle shells,                    

And pretty maids all in a row....                     


If only gardening were as simple as that little nursery rhyme. But it isn`t, so we are searching out what are, in our opinion, some of the best internet gardening web sites for helping beginners get started, and the more proficient among you keep up with current trends, or just for something to read on a rainy day...



I have found four specialist websites for you to look at this month:

A website for proper gardeners this... The ones that grow their own fruit and veggies, and something I wish I had more time to do.. It is the most satisfying thing to sit down to eat what you have grown. This website is packed with information about allotments, what`s growing, how to look after the land, foxes and other pests, green manure facts etc...

The National Chrysanthemum Society of Great Britain is the parent body of all Chrysanthemum Societies. It was formed 155 Years ago in Stoke Newington, London. If you are a chrysanthemum lover, this website is a must.. Apart from a photo gallery, there are books to buy on the subject, you can join the Chrysanthemum Society online and receive regular newsletters from them. And of course the dates of all the Chrysanthemum shows are available..

Around 120 million years ago, when the dinosaurs ruled the land, much of the world was covered by primordial forest, and plant life was rapidly becoming diverse, flowering plants were evolving and one of the first of these was the orchid...

This website has information on the culture of these beautiful plants, their problems, stories of their evolution, books to buy and pictures to look at. Plus the usual orchid links, giving orchid enthusiasts a wealth of information.


Royal National Rose Society

Another website that specialises in a particular type of plant. For Rose enthusiasts this site has a members area and a visitor`s area - and you can also join up, an events and offers section, future developments and of course any trials they may have in progress. This is a very popular subject, dear to many peoples` hearts..


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More gardening related websites next month..


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