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Family Tree Software

Once you start researching your family tree you will need to organise all the information you collect. You will have gaps in it and will want  a way of adding new family ancestors that you discover as you go along. You will want to draw a family tree and print this out regularly based on new information.

You also need a place to capture all the snippets of information that you discover. For example, capturing a pen picture of your family from the census records can really give an insight into the family and how they were living at a moment in time.

The best way of doing this is with a Family Tree software solution. There are a variety of packages and software solutions on and off the web.

We have selected just a few for you to take a look at below.



Manufacturer's information

Finding your family's history calls for the most trusted name in genealogy, Family Tree Maker. This amazing collection delivers an unprecedented wealth of data, easy-to-use research tools, and a wide variety of trees, charts and more.

Family Tree Maker  is the Number 1 Family Tree software in the UK with over 6 million copies sold worldwide.

Getting started is easy. Simply enter the information you already know like names, marriages & birthplaces and then watch your tree take shape. Use Family Tree Maker 2005 to record & organise all of the information you collect on your family - create tree charts, reports, calendars, scrapbooks and more!            

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Family Historian Sets a new standard with its Support for Pictures and Multimedia. In Family Historian, not only can you add as many pictures as you like for each person, you can add a picture once and link it to each person in the picture. You can even link each person to their own face in the picture, and show just faces in diagrams or reports, without having to ‘crop’ your pictures. We know of no other Windows genealogy program that supports anything like this — and yet it is really an essential feature if you wish to work with pictures. You can also add sounds, video and any other kind of multimedia. You can even add links to other family tree files.

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