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Grannies with attitude

by Helen Franks (former features editor of laterlife)

Helen Franks

Grannies with attitude  

Helen Franks offers a lighthearted guide to the trials and joys of modern grandmothering

The world is full of grannies and they are not all little old ladies busy knitting booties. Grannies come in a large range of ages, and they also have a large range of occupations and preoccupations. Some want to be hands-on, others resist a total takeover. Here’s how to fight your corner.

Four ways to ensure being a hands-on granny

  • Keep the family home, or get a bigger one

  • Buy a seaside or country cottage

  • Stock up on secondhand cots, highchairs, pushchairs, & toys

  • Take up weight-training

Five worries if it`s your daughter who is the new mother     

  • She’ll get post-natal depression

  • She`ll get exhausted because of those disturbed nights

  • She won’t bond with the baby

  • She’ll immerse herself in the baby

  • The father doesn’t help her enough

Three worries if it`s your son who is the new father  

  • He’ll be woken up at night by the baby

  • He’ll be neglected because of the baby

  • She expects him to do too much  

Several things both grannies will disapprove of   Amazon Book - The Nanas and the Papas  

  • The baby sleeps in their bed

  • The baby is too old still to be breast fed

  • She puts the children to bed too early

  • She puts the children to bed too late

  • When is she going to stop the night feed?

  • All she ever gives them to eat is tuna sandwiches and pasta

  • She’s going back to work too soon

Hazards of grannying

  • Fingers caught in pushchairs, unable to fold/unfold buggies, hamfisted with disposable nappies, etc (if in trouble, approach any young women in street for assistance)

  • Hurting your back trying to wedge a two-year-old into the car seat

  • Hurting your back getting a hefty two-year-old out of the car seat

  • Mistaking people such as nanny, mother, childminder for other grannies at the playcentre

  • Catching every new virus after the grandchildren sneeze all over you

  • Being presented with a snotty fingertip following a nosepicking session

  • Boring friends when you bring out the photos and tell the irresistible anecdotes

Grannies on a guilt trip - things you don`t tell the loving parents

1. The longeurs of baby sitting

  • You fell asleep in front of the television and didn’t hear the baby cry

  • You gave him only half a bottle and put him back in his cot  and then ignored further cries

  • You’ve been clock-watching and dozing on the sofa since 11 pm and are desperate to go home  -but greet the parents with a big smile and say ‘no problem’ when they appear at 2 am

2. Other untrue confessions

  • ‘Yes they had their milk and fruit’ (omit to mention the fact that they insisted on biscuits, sweets, iced cakes, fizzy drinks, ice cream, cusps first)

  • ‘No, they didn’t watch much television’ (only a two-hour video)

  • ‘They played beautifully together’ (using their toys as missiles)

  • ‘That bump on his head? He fell over in the garden’ (actually it was in the park on the swings when you looked away for one brief second)

  • ‘No tantrums or problems’ (apart from the moment her finger got stuck in the video socket)   

On second thoughts admit the truth, before the children tell on you  

Amazon Book - The Little Big Book for Grandmothers

Granny`s biggest challenge  

How to create a hands-on grandpa

Six ways to avoid being a hands-on granny   

  • Sell the family home as quickly as possible

  • Buy a one-bedroom studio apartment several miles from any grandchild

  • Avoid seaside, countryside or villas abroad - choose a main road with heavy traffic, no garden

  • Smoke and drink alcohol with abandonment, have wild parties. Consider hard drugs

  • Cultivate unsuitable pets - rotweiller?  alligator?

  • Acquire a series of lovers

NB None of these may discourage the grandchildren, but their parents might have doubts  



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