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Healthy Living in later life
November 2003


Lasercare - Treatments for Broken Veins, Blemish & Birthmark Removal, Lines and Wrinkles, Botox, Collagen, Tattoo removal, Cosmetic surgery and moreEstablishing a healthy lifestyle and being aware of health issues that affect the over 50s, can help us enjoy life to the full.

On this page we preview just a few selected articles which may help in your own plans for Healthy Living.

The A-Z guide to Tofu



Some time acauldronlogo.jpg (3156 bytes)go, featured an article on tofu from Lisa Morgan, in Japan, where tofu is as familiar as chips are to the Brits (but much healthier).  Cauldron, the country’s no 1 tofu manufacturer, has compiled an A-Z guide to tofu..........


Anti-ageing remedy Kudos 24

Kudos 24: Multi-active Age Management Complex is the brainchild of Hazel Courteney, award winning health columnist, author and broadcaster.

 After years of taking up to twenty different supplements each day to maintain the best possible health, Hazel decided that she wanted an ‘all in one’ anti-ageing supplement. And as she couldn’t find one to suit her requirements, she formulated Kudos 24 herself..................



Do pass on the salt


When Olive Braman was told that she had raised blood pressure, she couldn’t believe it. Not with her healthy diet and lifestyle. Here’s how she got her blood pressure back to normal without medication

Tooth loss and vitamins

If you suffer from tooth loss, check out your fruit intake. Low levels of vitamin C have been found in people with fewer teeth than the whole set. Since another associated effect is cardiovascular disease, which is also linked to low levels of vitamin C, the message is clear...........


So you think you know all about exercise

Helen Franks tests your knowledge of exercising benefits and myths..

Probiotics - What are they?


New products that claim to clean up our gut and boost health by creating friendly bacteria..


Ginseng Explained


Choosing ginseng over the counter is not as easy at it might seem. Herbalists deal with four different types, which originate from  different countries and have different  effects. 


Garlic - Its uses and abuses


Is garlic as effective for health as it is said to be? What does it do and why? Is it best raw or cooked as a supplement? And why is that pungent smell good for you?


Wild about blueberries


.....A handful a day keeps the doctor away, discovers Jeanne Davies 


If in any doubt about any of the information covered in health related articles and it's relevance for you, consult your GP.





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