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500 of the Most Important Ways to


The Ultimate Alternative A-Z Guide to Anti-Ageing 


Hazel Courteney, 10.99, Cico Books


As a title, that’s quite a mouthful. Don’t overlook the word ‘Alternative’. This is not a book that will tell you much about orthodox treatments but it is packed with hints, practical information, contacts, product information on diet, supplements and various alternative therapies that are claimed to slow the ageing process.




Hazel Courteney is a journalist, author and broadcaster with an extensive knowledge of  alternative medicine, and her latest book is easy to dip into with it’s A-Z format and simple lists. Much of the advice is based on healthy eating and is pretty much common sense, though sometimes the author gets a bit carried away about which foods to eat, which to avoid.  And she’s horribly keen on blending things like wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, soya milk and prunes.


Overall, there’s a huge amount of interesting and useful information packed into this book. If you are into alternative remedies or take vitamin supplements, there is much to learn.   


Helen Franks


 Living with Heart Disease


Victor Marks, Dr Monica Lewis and Dr Gerald Lewis, 

6.99, Sheldon Press

I read this excellent book straight off from start to finish in about an hour, and found it most enlightening and explanatory. My family suffers from an inherited form of dangerously high cholesterol, and I learned so much more about the condition and how to lower cholesterol levels.

Victor Marks suffered a severe heart attack and spent time after surgery in intensive care.  He recovered sufficiently to resume normal life and his contribution to this book provides reassurance to anyone in a similar position. His advice is to ‘think positive’  and he inspires the reader to regain confidence.

Cardiologist Gerald Lewis and Monica Lewis with her holistic approach, also explain everything in an easy to understand and interesting manner. I would recommend it to anyone who has had heart disease or is worried about their cholesterol levels or angina.   

Mona Ozin



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