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Choose a lifetime of holidays with HPB

Whether it’s a historic house nestled in the Scottish Highlands, a grand French chateau or a family apartment overlooking the Mediterranean, everyone has their own idea of the ideal holiday property. The Holiday Property Bond gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of these and more with a portfolio of over 1,400 wonderful holiday homes across the UK and Europe.

Founded in 1983, the Holiday Property Bond is a unique alternative to villa ownership, timeshare or rental. For an initial investment of just a few thousand pounds – far less than you would expect to pay for a good quality holiday home – you can enjoy lifetime use of HPB’s portfolio of exclusive villas, cottages and apartments.

Not only that, but in due course you can pass on your investment to your children, so they too can enjoy years of fantastic holidays.

For those who are approaching retirement, or are already retired, HPB can be a particularly attractive option for making the most of your hard-earned leisure time. Some investors (or “Bondholders”) enjoy two, three or even more holidays a year, depending on their level of investment.

Over 30 spectacular locations

The Holiday Property Bond has years of experience choosing stunningly beautiful locations for its holiday developments. They include some of Europe’s most exclusive holiday spots, as well as some spectacular locations right here on home soil. Of its properties, more than 500 are located in the UK, many surrounded by National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Moving forward. the number of properties and locations continues to grow as more people invest in HPB. Their latest property, Coo Palace in Dumfries & Galloway, is due to start welcoming holidaymakers in 2020.

Quality holidays for everyone

With options for solo travellers, couples and families, Bondholders can enjoy a wide range of holidays in HPB’s portfolio of quality properties. From castles to stately homes, they have transformed all kinds of historic buildings into wonderful collections of holiday apartments and cottages. They have also created several brand new private resorts in stunning locations, so guests can enjoy peace and quiet, while also having easy access to local attractions and sights.

Each property is beautifully furnished and maintained, from attractive living spaces to well-equipped kitchens. Many have associated amenities like swimming pools and games rooms, which are carefully looked after by on-site staff. And wherever you go, to any of HPB’s properties, you know you can expect the same high standards. Many of our holiday properties are also accessible, so everyone can enjoy a comfortable, relaxing break.


Protected Booking Power

You will be able to book the same level of holiday accommodation for the whole of your lifetime, no matter what happens to the value of holiday property. That is because your Holiday Points allocation is revalued at least once a year in line with the cost of providing additional holiday accommodation for new investors. This means your holiday accommodation booking power is fixed and protected.

Important investor safeguards

As the Holiday Property Bond is an investment product, you benefit from important consumer rights when you are considering becoming a Bondholder. In marketing HPB we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so we and our representatives have to comply with all prevailing consumer protection legislation and the highest professional standards. This includes giving you 30 days to change your mind without penalty even when you have invested, as required by law.

And all new investors benefit from a unique ‘Money Back Promise’:

If you take your first HPB holiday within three years of investing and are not, for any reason, entirely happy, you can apply to cash in your HPB investment within 14 days of your return.

Whatever the encashment value, the parent company of the issuer of HPB will make up any difference so that you get back the full amount of your initial payment.

This offer applies to a first holiday at an HPB owned property which is taken by at least one of the Bondholders themselves. Full details of the offer will be provided before you invest.

There’s never been a better time to find out more…

Request a copy of HPB’s latest information pack and you will also receive an introductory DVD introduced by broadcaster and Bondholder Sue Barker.

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Exclusive holidays for life – how and how much

An initial payment from £5,000 and a quarterly fee of around £30 (that is around £120 a year), linked to RPI, gives you access to all HPB’s holiday homes.

After an initial charge of 25% your money is invested in a fund of holiday properties and securities. The fund itself meets annual charges of 2.5%. Your investment return is purely in the form of holidays and, as with most investments, your capital is at risk. You can surrender your investment to the company after two years or more (subject to deferral in exceptional circumstances) but you will get back less than you invested because of the charges referred to above, as well as other overheads and changes in the value of the fund’s properties and securities.

For each HPB holiday, you will pay a no-profit user charge covering only property running and maintenance costs and use of on-site facilities. The charge is level throughout the year – there are no high season premiums. For a studio for two the charge averages about £300 a week, for a 2-bedroom property for four around £460 a week. Larger properties are also available.

This advertisement is issued by HPB Management Limited (HPBM) registered at HPB House, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8EH. HPBM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is the main UK agent and the property manager for HPB, issued by HPB Assurance Limited (HPBA) registered in the Isle of Man and authorised by the Financial Services Authority there. The Trustee of HPB is HSBC Trustee (C.I.) Limited registered at HSBC House, Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey, JE1 1GT. The Securities Manager is Stanhope Capital LLP of 35 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LR. No medical examination required. HPB is available exclusively through HPBM who will only charge for their services if you invest.

HPBM promotes only HPB and is not independent of HPBA. Holders of policies issued by HPBA will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the company becomes unable to meet its liabilities to them but Isle of Man compensation arrangements apply to new policies.

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