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Holiday Property Bond


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Over 1,300 wonderful holiday homes to call your own

Wouldn’t you like to own a holiday home in a beautiful spot, where you could escape for a really relaxing break as often as you choose? The Holiday Property Bond gives you something even better – the opportunity to take a financial interest in over 1,300 superb holiday homes throughout the UK and Europe and use all of them for your own holidays, rent-free.

Founded in 1983, the Holiday Property Bond is a unique alternative to villa ownership, timeshare or rental. For an initial investment of just a few thousand pounds – far less than you would expect to pay for one good quality holiday home in the sun – you can enjoy rent-free use of HPB’s entire portfolio of exclusive villas, cottages and apartments for life. Not only that, but in due course you can pass on your HPB investment to your children like a family heirloom, for them to enjoy for the whole of their lives.

HPB can be particularly attractive to people who are retired or approaching retirement and want to make the most of their leisure time. Depending on how much they choose to invest, some investors (or ‘Bondholders’, as they are known) are able to get away on holiday two, three or even more times a year.

Delightful properties

One of the delights of the Holiday Property Bond is its inspired portfolio of top-class holiday properties. HPB have bought castles and stately houses and transformed them into wonderful developments of apartments and cottages. They have also created new private resorts of villas and apartments in stunningly beautiful locations, where Bondholders can enjoy peace and privacy, yet still be within easy reach of fascinating towns and villages and a wide variety of leisure opportunities.

Right from the start, you will feel thoroughly at home on an HPB holiday.


You will arrive to find your cottage or apartment waiting for you, immaculately clean and fully prepared. You will immediately be struck by the remarkably high standard of the accommodation, with its attractive living area, supremely comfortable bedrooms and superbly equipped kitchen. You will be impressed by the care that has been taken over décor and furnishings.

All HPB properties and associated amenities like swimming pools and games rooms are maintained in apple-pie order by on-site staff. And wherever you go, to any of HPB’s properties, you know you can expect the same high standards.

31 beautiful locations

The Holiday Property Bond has a flair for choosing stunningly beautiful locations for its holiday developments. They include some of Europe’s most exclusive holiday spots. But though its developments are spread across Europe, HPB hasn’t ignored the potential of the UK for wonderful holidays. Of its properties, more than 500 are here in the UK, including stately homes and historic buildings, many located in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, that HPB have loving converted to holiday use.

Currently there are HPB properties in 31 exclusive locations:

The Algarve - Almeria in Spain – Anglesey - The Austrian Alps – Brittany – Cornwall - The Costa Blanca - The Costa del Sol - The Cotswolds – Devon - The Dordogne – Dorset - The Ile de France – Kent - La Gomera - The Lake District – Lanzarote – Madeira – Majorca – Norfolk - The North York Moors - The Peak District – Pembrokeshire – Perthshire - Puglia in Italy - The Scottish Highlands - The Shropshire Hills – Turkey – Tuscany - The Yorkshire Dales.

What’s more the number of properties and locations continues to grow as more people invest in HPB.

Inflation-protected holiday entitlements for life

Here in a nutshell is how HPB gives you rent-free holidays for life.

HPB’s holiday benefits are provided through a Holiday Points system, in which each £1 invested entitles you to one Holiday Point each year. Each time you book a holiday, you exchange Holiday Points for the accommodation you want. The number of Holiday Points required depends on the location, property size and season.

Your Holiday Points allocation is re-valued every year in line with the cost of providing additional holiday accommodation for new investors. This means your holiday accommodation booking power is fixed and protected.

There are no restrictions on when you can go on holiday, where, or what kind of holiday home you can book. And you won’t pay a penny in rent for your holiday – just a no-profit user charge when you book your holiday to cover actual expenses, such as electricity, cleaning and gardening.

For more details on how HPB works and the principal risk and benefits of an investment please see the ‘Further Information’ below.

Important investor safeguards

In promoting and marketing the Bond, HPB Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

The fund’s assets are controlled by an independent trustee, HSBC Trustee (Guernsey) Ltd.

And all new investors benefit from a unique ‘Money Back Promise’:

If you take your first HPB holiday within three years of investing and are not, for any reason, entirely happy, you can encash your HPB investment within 14 days of your return. Whatever the encashment value, HPB Holdings Limited, the parent company of the HPB Group, will make up any difference – so that you get back the full amount you originally invested.

Full terms and conditions of this offer will be provided before you invest.

There’s never been a better time to find out more…

Request a copy of HPB’s latest full colour information pack and you will also receive an introductory DVD introduced by broadcaster and Bondholder Sue Barker.

To receive your information pack, free and without obligation, click here.

Further Information

Further Information: The Bond is a life assurance bond investing, after initial charges, in properties and securities. Properties are booked for a no profit 'user charge' and Points issued with the Bond. There is a quarterly fee of under thirty pounds including VAT linked to RPI, with all other management fees paid from securities. Investment is from £5,000. Encashment may be made under the terms of the "Holiday Satisfaction Guaranteed" offer outlined above. Otherwise you may encash after two years at a value linked to that of the properties and securities but you may not see a profit and may incur a loss because of initial charges and fluctuations in asset values. In exceptional circumstances encashment may be deferred for up to twelve months. No medical examination required.

This advertisement is issued by HPB Management Limited ('HPBM') of HPB House, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8EH. HPBM are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are the main UK agent for Holiday Property Bond ('HPB'), issued by HPB Assurance Limited ('HPBA') registered in the Isle of Man and authorised by the Insurance and Pensions Authority there. Holders of policies issued by the company will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the company becomes unable to meet its liabilities to them but Isle of Man compensation arrangements apply to new policies.

The Trustee of HPB is HSBC Trustee (Guernsey) Limited registered at Park Place, Park Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, GY1 1EE. The Securities Manager is Baillie Gifford & Co registered at Calton Square, 1 Green siderow, Edinburgh, EH1 3AN. The Property Manager is HPB Management (International) Limited ('HPBMI') registered at Ground Floor, Neptune House, Marina Bay, PO Box 67, Gibraltar.

HPBM, HPBA and HPBMI are part of the HPB Marketing Group and are not independent of each other. HPBM is able to advise only on HPBA's products.

HPB Management Ltd. Registered in England, No.1581593. Registered Office HPB House, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8EH.

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