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It’s a clever idea, a totally original concept. You invest a minimum of 3000 in the Holiday Property Bond and get a choice of holiday destinations rent-free but using holiday points - one point for every 1 invested. 

It’s not a timeshare, a holiday rental or villa sales scheme. Investors own a financial interest in all the holiday properties bought by the Bond, and are eligible to use them at any time of the year every year for life. They can also surrender their investment after two years and take back cash subject to inflation.

The Bond was launched in 1983 and now has over 30,000 investors and owns nearly 900 high-standard properties in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. It also runs the HPB travel club which arranges any holiday or business trip and theme weeks as well as flights, ferries, car hire, holiday insurance - with a fair-price guarantee. 


How does it work out for investors? Laterlife interviews two of them

‘Majorca 7 times, France, Scotland, flats in Florida and Capetown - it’s home from home’    Stewart Keir 

Keir.jpg (5429 bytes)        ‘We’d been considering buying a property abroad when we saw the ad for Holiday Property Bond. That was about 12 years ago when the kids were 17 and 15.  It seemed the best answer - you get the property without the worry of maintaining it.

        ‘We were one of the earliest investors, and have had terrific use out of the scheme. We’ve been to Majorca 7 times, as well as France, Scotland, Italy. We’ve had flats in Florida and Capetown - usually 2 bedroom apartments.

        ‘You get different properties, usually in the same development if you’ve been before. Almost always with good views. Never anywhere next to a disco or pub or shopping precinct. There’s always a manager on site, and there have never been any problems.

        The places are preselected to a high standard, comfortable, well equipped, home from home.

        ‘We invested 10,000 and got 10,000 points to spend each year. The points are inflation-linked, so they are revalued yearly. A property may cost say 10,500 points now, but we still pay the 10,000.

        We select from the properties shown in the brochure. Points may be higher for peak times and if you don’t use them up in one year, they are carried over to the next.  A typical holiday costing 10,000 points would be a fortnight in 2-bedroomed accommodation in Majorca. You can always take two separate villas or flats if one isn’t big enough for your family.

        There’s also this 28 day rule: if you make a booking within 28 days of going on holiday, it’s points-free, subject of course to availability. You pay a ‘user charge’ instead, to cover service and running costs. It’s usually about 200 for a week.

        Another good thing is that the family can take the holidays if you want to give them your points. And you can hand on the bonds to family members.

We’ve never regretted joining the scheme and wish we could get away more often than we do.’  


‘We’ve had countless holidays. It has really paid its way’  Greta Morris 

        ‘We joined about 16 years ago and invested 12,000. Now our points are worth around 16,000.

        It’s usual for us to take 3 holidays a year and as walkers we often go for the Lake District. More points are needed for the UK, and you have to book early, especially for Easter and the school holidays.

        ‘Our children are aged 4 -14 years, and we tend to book from one year for the next to get the times we want. Many of the properties are in national parks and we are very satisfied. 

We have had countless holidays and the Holiday Property Bond has really paid its way.’ 

Many of the properties have pools and 3-4 bedrooms.  Mouthwatering catalogues await those interested in enquiring further.

You can view more details and request a full information pack by clicking here.

Holiday Property Bond

The Holiday Property Bond is a single premium whole of life assurance bond issued by Isle of Man Assurance Limited. The Bond has been in existence since 1983. It is the largest product of its kind and has assets totalling more than 130 million. Investors have an investment that they can enjoy for life and pass on to their families.

Currently there are over 900 luxurious properties throughout Britain and Europe. A single investment buys rent-free accommodation for life in any of the properties without the need to pay exchange fees. Each investment buys holiday points to book the properties and units in the fund. The units can be encashed at any time after two years for the then current market value. The minimum investment is 3000. Obviously the larger the investment the more holiday points owned.

Unused points can be carried forward and if all the current year’s points have been used then one can bring forward 20% of next year’s. It is also possible to rent up to 10% of the holiday points required for a cash sum of 7% or 14%. This is dependent upon the level of investment - currently an investment of 7612 qualifies an investor for as many extra holidays as one can take providing the booking and commencement date are within 28 days. If a property is empty HPB want investors to occupy as the user charge, payable per property per week, makes no profit whatsoever. Any unused points can be rolled over for up to 2 years.

The Bond can be gifted to children or grandchildren, helping to reduce any
inheritance tax burden.

To see more details, parties to the bond or to request a full information pack click here.

The information above was correct at time of publication, please see the full HPB information pack for latest terms and conditions.



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