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UK Home Security - a lifeline in later life

home security and burglar alarm reassurance throughout the homeIntelligent reassurance at the heart of the home

Lifeline features and options:

home security and burglar alarm reassurance throughout the homeTunstall Lifeline units form intelligent centres at the heart of the home to help all kinds of people both young and old achieve security, reassurance and live independently. Contemporary styling and revolutionary technology are brought together to deliver exceptional levels of flexibility and performance.


Unit and triggerLifeline® Home Units are:

Flexible units for use with a growing range of non-intrusive Tunstall smart telecare sensors

Personal reassurance systems that provide direct access to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

An easy way to communicate with family members, friends, carers and the response centre

A safety-net for formal and informal carers offering reassurance and peace of mind

A high quality British product


Lifeline features
  • The most advanced home unit available
  • operates on new frequency 869 MHz – the dedicated European social alarm frequency for future proofed operation
  • extended range allowing coverage within larger homes and gardens
  • automatic plug and play registration of up to 35 radio sensors
  • home security alarm feature which alerts your mobile phone or response centre, even allowing you to listen into the home unit without the knowledge of the intruder






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Smart sensor solutions - by Tunstall

The Tunstall smart sensor range is not only the result of our continuous investment into research and development, it is evidence of our determination to listen and respond to the challenges you face.


Our commitment to collaborative research, involving both university departments and pilot studies has given Tunstall the advantage in designing products to meet your needs and those who use our equipment.

Combine this with the exceptional performance, reliability and value for money our products and service offer and you'll see how Tunstall can provide you with the right solutions, today and well into the future.

Home security movement detectorMovement Detector (PIR) - Detects movement and raises an alarm, providing the response centre with the ability to audibly verify and record the presence of an intruder or alternatively detect for inactivity

Home security pressure matPressure Mat - Monitors the movement in a specific area and raises an alert if activated.

Home security smoke detectorSmoke Detector - Dangerous smoke raises an alarm for investigation or action by the response centre

Home security flood detectorFlood Detector - This neat unobtrusive radio sensor provides an early warning by generating an alert when water reaches overflow levels

Home security natural gas detectorNatural Gas detector - when the natural gas detector detects natural gas leaks, an alarm will be raised at the 24 hour response centre.

Home security carbon monoxide detectorCarbon Monoxide Detector - Warns of dangerous CO levels and can be used with the Lifeline 4000+ to offer audible instructions to open windows or to evacuate the building


Home security pull cord alarmPull Cord - For raising alerts in certain high risk locations within the home e.g. bathroom, kitchen.

Home security fall detectorFall detector™ - Pioneering technology from Tunstall enables the first UK telecare device that automatically detects a serious fall and raises an alert at the response centre

Home security bogus caller buttonBogus caller button - Fitted near the front door this discrete button can be used to call for assistance when a stranger requests entry into a home


Home security video door entryVideo door entry - Allows visual confirmation of visitors and remote door access into a property giving both security and assistance to the people who live there.

Home security panic alarmAmie®/Gem - Personal radio triggers that allow an alarm call to be raised within a home or garden

Home security sounder beaconSounder beacon - Offers both  visual and loud audible signals when a sensor or telephone is activated, ideal for the hard of hearing.




Tunstall are continuously investing in research and development and a range of further concepts are under development.

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