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Keep well and walking this autumn

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Do you have extra wide or swollen feet? Cosyfeet Fitting Expert, Liz Quartley, gives her tips and hints for buying correctly fitting footwear this autumn, to help keep you well and walking:

  • Don't force your feet into the same type and size of footwear that you wore when you were younger. Look for shoes, boots and slippers that offer an extra roomy fit.

  • Try on new footwear in the middle of the day. That's because feet are at their narrowest in the early morning and are at their most swollen late in the day.

  • Cosyfeet Fitting Expert,
    Liz Quartley

  • Look for footwear that can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate variations in width, so your shoes or boots stay securely on your foot but don't cut in. Touch-fastening styles and lace-ups are an excellent choice.

  • If you wear orthotics, make sure any new footwear you buy will accommodate them. If you wear support hosiery, wear it when trying on shoes.

  • Make sure your indoor shoes or slippers, and shoes for shorter outings, have a flexible, lightweight sole. For walking longer distances, select a harder wearing sole with good grip for underfoot security.

  • Choosing comfy shoes and wearing them in means you can walk further without painful consequences. Remember, "comfy" doesn't have to mean "frumpy".

  • As we age, we may opt for simpler footwear styles to help keep us active in comfort. If style is important to you, create a "look" you're happy with so you can be confident in your appearance.


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