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'Absolutely excellent. Packed with invaluable information'

'Most useful course I have attended in 32 years'

'Made me ask questions I didn't expect to ask'

'Opened up my mind to positives'

'Good insight into pitfalls'

'Helped us think together'

'Excellent. More content than I ever dreamt!!'

'Now confident to retire ASAP'

'Enjoyed it immensely'


Planning Retirement Online

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Laterlife Learning - Services

Laterlife Learning is the off-web arm of We provide Services to organisations in the Public and Private sectors through a team of highly experienced consultants.

At Laterlife we specialise in Pre-retirement workshops for an organisation's employees. We offer workshops for retirees who are close to retirement and also our Retirement Headstart workshop some 10-15  years before retirement. We also offer a number of related services such as Laterlife Choices workshops (geared to redundancy situations), Online retirement planning, Retirement Information for Intranets, Retirement Training for Managers, Outplacement services and age related Consultancy services. For a quick introduction to each of these visit our Retirement Services Overview page.

At Laterlife we have hundreds of people attend our Retirement Planning workshops and millions of visits to our web site each year. We have been involved with the ‘Age Agenda’ for 12 years and as a result our experience can help you in delivering benefit to your older employees and in making the most of your older workforce.

Planning Retirement Workshops

Planning Retirement in action We specialise in providing Planning Retirement Workshops around the country - both in-house events and open events, Events can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

The events cover all lifestyle aspects of planning for an enjoyable and fulfilling life in retirement. To obtain a specification of the workshops and current prices please use one of the enquiry form links opposite. To read more first, visit our section on Pre-retirement Courses

The web site

After our pre-retirement courses  uniquely provides continuing assistance through an enormous range of additional information, monthly features articles, newsletters and services of particular interest to those in retirement.

Outplacement services

Finding work following redundancy is rarely easy. Remaining positive and applying the right techniques are key. Your employees are unlikely to thank you for making them redundant, but they will certainly appreciate whatever support you can give them to help them in the next phase of their career.

Options available include outplacement workshops and 1-1 outplacement programmes which are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Some of your older employees may consider not pursuing a career any more but retiring early or possibly adopting a portfolio lifestyle.

This means that whatever your employees’ situation, and whatever their time of life, you can ensure they get the best support available, according to the different paths they may want to follow.

To find out more visit our section on Outplacement services

1-1 Services and Consultancy Services

In addition to the specific open and in-house workshops we also provide 1-1 planning retirement advice for organisations' employees and consultancy on retirement planning policies and approaches for organisations themselves to make the most of their older workforce.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience of delivering  services in the corporate sector.

Laterlife Learning is a Trading Style of Limited

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