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'Most useful course I have attended in 32 years'

'Made me ask questions I didn't expect to ask'

'Opened up my mind to positives'

'Good insight into pitfalls'

'Helped us think together'

'Excellent. More content than I ever dreamt!!'

'Now confident to retire ASAP'

'Enjoyed it immensely'


Planning Retirement Online

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LaterLife Learning

As well as linking to a variety of sources for continuing education in later life, LaterLife Learning (the retirement education team at, also provides real world and online retirement planning workshops to both individuals and organisations.

The real-world Planning For Retirement Workshops are primarily aimed at individuals for whom retirement is a realistic prospect at any time within the next 3 years and take a unique lifestyle-led-then-finance approach to planning for your retirement, very different from the traditional finance focused courses you may already know about.

The Online Planning For Retirement Workshops are suitable for anyone within 15 years of retirement as they allow you to experience the full content of our real-world workshops at your own pace and convenience, focusing on topics of particular interest to you, to the depth your distance from retirement suggests.

If you are looking for details of LaterLife Learning please click to visit our retirement courses site for full details.

Learning in Later Life

There has never been such an opportunity as there is currently to learn about new things and extend our horizons, whatever our stage of life. Simply browsing the Web can extend our knowledge and views dramatically. However in today’s technically driven age there is also specialised video content and Apps that can offer improved learning facilities.

In addition, there are increasingly niche websites, blogs and tutorials available which can support a more focused and extensive interest in a particular subject area. Whether your interest is intellectual, practical, or for fun, learning can be very rewarding and extend your circles of friends, or even identify business opportunities.

Below is a collection of useful Websites, Apps, and Adult Education to get you started with broadening your knowledge.

For more information about learning in later life, check out our Adult Education Guide.


Click on the name of the Website to be linked straight to them


Memrise is a community of people helping other people. You can share your own knowledge or follow someone else’s course. It works through a mix of flashcard "mems" and prompters, whilst using the ‘Memrise Garden‘ to help grow and water your memory till you learn something new. It can also send handy emails to remind you and by following other people you can unleash your competitive side if it’s in your nature! They support learning for a range of categories including languages, maths and science, entertainment, the natural world and general trivia.


Alternatively YouTube has a vast array of tutorials on their website and is particularly renowned for hair and beauty, music lessons and tips and tricks for online games.


If these sites don’t have the answers you are looking for then The BBC have a comprehensive help facility for anyone who wants to get back into learning. Have a look at Adult Learners for an extensive archive of learning features.


We have included links to the App websites but to download them you can visit iTunes, Google Play and any other Application software store.



A similar concept to Memrise, however Duolingo is specifically made for smartphones and tablets and "An independent study found that Duolingo trumps university-level language learning." With clear evidence that this gamified way of learning works, you can take on the challenge of a new language with confidence. It also, we think helpfully, warns you when you haven’t used the App and by practising with it a few minutes a day it can be a speedy way of learning a new language. There are many languages currently available for English speakers from French and Russian to Swahili and Hebrew.


Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks:

Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks is for everyone, from beginner guitar players just picking up the instrument, to advanced guitarists looking to perfect their technique.

How To Draw:

Learn How to Draw is a collection of tutorials designed to help people improve their drawing skills. The lessons focus not just on the final drawing, but on the skills and shapes you need to build up your characters and figure work. The classes range in ability from beginners through to experts.


Adult Education

Here you can find a mix of online and offline options for learning.

We also have a specific Guide relating to the subject of Adult Education which can be viewed here.

The Open University home page

National U3A UK:

The University of the Third Age is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning for those no longer in gainful employment. There is a description of their services and regional listings for contacts. It has over 600 branches and you can study whatever you wish to providing you can find people in your group to share it with you.


(Formerly known as Adult Residential Colleges Association - ARCA)

Is an association of colleges offering residential courses for adult education.


You can learn on-line through learndirect, a government sponsored scheme. They do languages, IT skills, business and management courses, and personal development skills.


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Visit Amazon for books, videos and software that can help you to learn.

For more information...

All of the above demonstrates the range of different learning styles and subjects being catered for online and hopefully it will kick start you into learning something new. If you want to learn a hobby not included here then why not search for a website, App or community that will teach you the skills you are after. Whatever your subject, you can learn at your own pace and get a solid start in an area that interests you. There is more information about online learning on our Guide to Adult Education.


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