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The future of cancer care

February 2005 

Is this the future face of cancer care?

Child's face - Macmillan cancer careThis is Sarah. Five years ago, Sarah’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Over the course of those last five years, Sarah has been alongside her mum on a turbulent and unpredictable rollercoaster ride – and she’s seen a lot of life.

She’s seen her mother’s fear following that initial diagnosis. She’s seen the up days, when mum felt she could take on the world. And she’s seen the down and dark days that it seemed would never end.

But Sarah and her mum have never been alone on this journey. Through it all, they have had a constant travelling companion and expert guide – their Macmillan nurse, Nikki.



Sarah has been constantly aware of the dedicated; one–to-one care and support Nikki has given her mum. And as a consequence, she now knows what she wants to do when she grows up. She wants to give that kind of support to other people living with cancer. She wants to be a
Macmillan nurse too.

Over the coming years, Macmillan professionals are going to be needed more than ever before.

There are more than one million people living in the UK today who have had a cancer diagnosis. By the year 2025, that figure is set to rise to 3 million. Whatever scientific breakthroughs the future might hold, that’s three million people – together with their families, friends and loved ones - who will need and deserve the very best information, treatment care and support. The kind of support that Macmillan nurses, doctors and other cancer care professionals are specially qualified to give.



Sarah wants to be a Macmillan nurse when she grows up.
To help her, click here.

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If you’ve ever had an experience of cancer, you’ll know just how vital that kind of support can be. Macmillan nurses are there right from the initial moment of diagnosis. And they continue to be on hand for as long as they’re needed - providing clinical expertise, practical information and emotional support not only to the person with cancer, but to their whole family too.

As well as nurses, Macmillan Cancer Relief funds a whole range of other cancer care professionals including Macmillan doctors, physiotherapists, benefits advisers and dieticians. Despite the diversity of their roles, they all have one aim. To help people to get on with their lives as fully as possible, in spite of their cancer.

But even today there are not enough Macmillan nurses and other professionals to go round. As the number of people affected by cancer rises over the next few years, that shortfall is set to grow even wider.

That’s why people like Sarah are so important. They represent the next generation of Macmillan professionals. Of course they have years of study, training and dedicated hard work ahead of them before they will be able to take up their posts.

But there is something you can do today to help set them on that path. You can add Macmillan Cancer Relief to your Will.

Like all charities nowadays, Macmillan Cancer Relief relies heavily on legacies – gifts left to the charity in people’s Wills – as a vital source of funding. In fact legacies now account for one third of all the charity’s income. And yet adding Macmillan to your Will is a quick, simple and inexpensive thing to do, and many people have found it a truly satisfying and fulfilling way to support the charity.

Making or changing a Will is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money - but it’s incredibly important. In fact everyone in the UK should have a Will, no matter how large or small their estate may be. It’s the only guaranteed way of ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled after your death.

First and foremost, of course, you’ll want to use your Will to make sure your family and loved ones are looked after. Then there are a number of ways in which you can also support Macmillan. By doing so you may even find you can reduce the tax burden on your loved ones.

At the same time, you will be helping to shape the future of cancer care.

To explain a bit more about their work, the importance of legacies and just what is involved in making a Will, Macmillan have prepared a free Will Booklet. If you’d like a copy, or if you’d like to talk anything over in person regarding Macmillan in general or legacies in particular, you can call the Macmillan legacy team free on 0800 107 4448. Alternatively you can visit them at

To protect the privacy of minors a model has been used in this article.

Article provided by Macmillan Cancer Care


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