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There are hundreds of mobility aids, disability aids and living aids now available to purchase online.

On this page we have given you a taste of what's available from Active Mobility Centre a well established supplier of mobility aids and disability aids that we have selected to make available to Laterlife visitors.
You can click through on the individual items below or to see the full range of mobility and disability aids visit Active Mobility Centre.

 Mattress Elevator

The Mattress Elevator allows you to sit or lie comfortably with a high degree of independence. It is easily width adjustable for single through to king size beds. When in use, the mattress elevator allows the user to rise and recline smoothly, quietly and safely at the touch of a button, thus reducing the need of manual handling.
Due to the superior design the drive mechanism cannot be felt through the mattress even when in a fully reclined position.


Cordless Kettle Tipper

At last, a kettle tipper to suit most cordless kettles. This innovative design is a combination of two successful tippers. There is a metal plate that secures the base of the cordless kettle and a frame with a Velcro brand hook and loop strap to keep the upper part of the kettle in place.

A cut out at the foot of the tipper allows cups to be positioned as close to the kettle as required. The frame has a built in back stop to prevent spillage if the kettle is accidentally released during use.



Hair Washing Inflatable Basin For Bed

A heavy duty inflatable vinyl basin supporting neck and head for washing hair when confined to bed.

A one way drainage tube with clamp removes waste water with no mess. Can be inflated by mouth or air pump.





Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

Following your doctor's advice on healthy diet and exercise can dramatically reduce high blood pressure.
The 48-memory function will monitor your progress as you improve and lower your blood pressure for a healthy long life. Simple, safe and accurate.





 Backrest Obus Lowback

The Lowback Support is an award winning backrest support that provides patented support and comfort while sitting in any chair.
The bio-mechanically moulded internal polycarbonate frame is both firm and flexible, promoting improved posture and providing support and comfort.
Includes a detachable lumbar pad which can be placed anywhere on the form to provide additional support.
Includes a strap to secure it on any chair. Cover can be removed for easy cleaning.




 Watches (Talking)

These classic analogue watches have a talking function and clear, large face to assist the visually impaired.
A voice function announces the current time when pressed and can also help the user set the time.

The watches are finished in gold with genuine leather straps.

Batteries included.

Choose Ladies or Gents




 Easy Grip Garden Tools

These tools are designed to minimise stress on the wrist so that the user can continue to work in the garden with less pain. The angled handle ensures that the wrist is kept in a natural position and a non-slip grip provides greater comfort and control.






 Telephone Amplifier

Plug in Voice Amplifier. This clever mini amplifier plugs discreetly into any standard telephone to give up to 100% increased volume so you can hear even the quietest callers. Fits all telephones, on/off switch and volume control to suit. Ideal for the hard of hearing or when phone is located in noisy areas.




Remote Control Mains Socket Set

Remote Control Mains Socket SetThe wireless remote control  system allows you to control 4 electrical appliances in and around the home from one remote control unit. It safely converts any mains appliance to a remote control operation without the need for wiring and is ideal for use where switches are difficult to reach. Works on radio waves not infra-red, no line of sight needed.




 Playing Card Holder

Designed for people with limited use of their hands. Cards can be easily added and removed. The front is extended to hold pencils or small coins.





 Floor Standing Book/Laptop Holder

Revolutionary new floor standing bookholder, laptop support and writing stand in one!

Enjoy either hands-free reading in the sofa or bed to relieve aching necks and backs or hands, or write or use your laptop in the ergonomically approved position either sitting down, standing up, or lying down.


Visit the Active Mobility Centre (opens in new window) to see the full range of mobility aids and disability aids products.


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