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Bibs and Aprons

Bibetta Adult Healthcare Bibs and Aprons

Adult Bib largeIf you care for an elderly or disabled relative or friend that has difficulty when eating then Bibetta's Adult Healthcare Bibs may provide a solution. Bibetta's innovative, adult bibs are superior bibs, innovatively designed and constructed from the highest quality state of the art materials. They are uniquely made from either Neoprene or medical grade Neoprene called 'Bioprene'. Bioprene is a professional grade, hi-tech material which contains an active anti-microbial which kills almost all bacteria, including MRSA, to ensure a sterile product at all times.

Bioprene technologyThe bibs are 100% water-proof and stain-proof yet wonderfully soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. They incorporate a unique, fold out pocket allowing for its use where required. The clean and modern design offers a smart and discreet image for the wearer, they can be worn with suit jackets or cardigans

Apron on ladyAvailable in three sizes - small adult , large adult plus a super large size Apron for excellent, all over shoulder, body and legs coverage - multiple snap fastener positions offer a good fit for all!

The Bibetta Adult Healthcare Bibs and Aprons are machine or hand-washable, tumble drier proof, highly durable and will last for many years, unlike other conventional bibs. They therefore offer excellent long-term value to care homes, hospitals and private users.

The rubber inner layer repels all liquids whist the top nylon layer absorbs small spills and is wipe clean and stain-proof, so the bibs stay clean forever!

For further information on the innovative Bibetta product range, including handy travel items mainly made from durable Neoprene, please click onto  or call 01223 840236

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