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All TV and no outdoor play make Jack an obese boy


All TV and no outdoor play makes Jack an obese boy


Around 80 per cent of grandchildren play outdoor games with their grandchildren, says the Early Learning Centre in its latest survey. Grandparents will know that this is a form of self-defence. Bored small children tend to cause havoc in their grandparents’ normally orderly homes, and given the choice they will shiver in playgrounds, pushing the kids on the swings.

Even so, over half of today’s parents say they spent more time playing outdoors as children than their own children do, and they are worried about the fact that one in ten pre-school children are obese, with figures on the rise. 



While most parents strongly believe that outdoor play and physical activities are very important to a child's development, apparently this isn't translating into today's kids getting active outdoors. Only 11 per cent of children spend up to two hours a day during the weekend playing outside, says the survey.  

The Early Learning Centre has obligingly created a list of calorie-burning games and toys for outdoor activities, which of course are available in their stores.  This could be the moment for grandparents to reach into their pockets…  

  • Cycling (Deluxe Trike 40) Kids love cycling and it's a great way to enjoy exercise while taking in the scenery of your local park together

  • Running (Egg and Spoon Race 10) A game to be enjoyed amongst friends, showing kids that exercise can be fun too

  • Skipping (Traditional Skipping Rope 3) A great calorie burner. Challenge your kids to see who can skip for the longest, keeping them fit at the same time

  • Hoopla (Plastic Hoop 3) This traditional game has transcended all trends and requires minimal supervision

  • Trampoline Bouncing (President Trampoline 330) Fantastic fun for all the family. Encourage kids to try different style jumps, so they're learning something new at the same time

  • Dancing (Funky Dance Mat 15) Helps nurture balance and co-ordination

  • Tennis/ Raquet ball (Boom Bats 5/ Racket Zoomer 15) Great for 1 or 2 players. Start your own Wimbledon competition in your back garden

  • Football (Pop-Up Goal 15) One for all the family. Host your very own Euro 2004 tournament in your own back garden

  • Hopscotch (Hopscotch Set 10) A great game for when you need to keep your kids occupied when you're busy, this timeless classic can be enjoyed with minimal supervision

  • Jumping (Giant Animal Sacks 5) Great fun for when the kids have their friends over and can race each other around the garden

June 2004


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