Make the most of your Retirement


Introducing planning for retirement and the opportunities preparation can bring. more

Why plan for retirement?

In order to make the best choices we need to think about them and plan ahead. It can help us to make the most of opportunities and have more choices more

Deciding if and when to Retire

With the demise of the default retirement age, the decision on if and when to retire is now in our own hands. Our employer can no longer tell us that we have to retire at a certain age based purely on how old we are. more

What to do in Retirement

The average person spends about 50 hours a week at work, travelling to work and other work-related activity. So, when we retire, we have to fill that extra 50 hours of leisure time to ensure that we enjoy retirement and get some satisfaction/fulfilment from it. more

What Shall I do Today?

Here you can find the Laterlife one-armed bandit which can help with deciding how to spend and make the most of our time. A recent survey on Laterlife indicated that this was in fact the single biggest issue in retirement. more

Making the most of your Retirement
How to use this page:

This Retirement section has information that can help with retirement planning and should encourage everyone to make the most out of the extra leisure time that comes with it.

The introduction to this Guide section can be found below, or just click on the Introduction button at the top of this page.

Specialist articles are listed above and below including links to the Planning My Retirement website, which has even more information.

LaterLife Guides

LaterLife Guides are a valuable resource, that are aimed at making the most of retirement and later life in general.


What others are doing in Retirement

Here you can find out how people are spending their retirement. We've introduced The LaterLife Challenge, recognising those who are making the most of their retirement.

Planning Retirement Online


Planning for your Retirement

Welcome to the introduction to LaterLife's Planning and Enjoying Retirement section.

Our aim, as retirement specialists, is to constantly develop LaterLife as the most useful web site for anyone thinking about their retirement, wanting to start planning it, or if you are already retired wanting to make the most of it.

You will find here everything you need to think about as you approach retirement, including a complete guide called 'Why Plan for Retirement?', access to online planning retirement courses and real world planning retirement courses, and information and resources to make the most of your retirement, including examples of what others are doing in retirement to provide ideas and inspiration on how to plan for retirement.

But to start with why not read our introductory article on Making the most of Retirement.

Retirement Survey

The Laterlife survey showed approximately a 30% improvement in the 'level of enjoying retirement' for people who had attended a planning retirement course.

The University of Greenwich survey showed a 19% improvement in overall Life Satisfaction if you had attended one.


An opportunity and a challenge

Retirement Planning is even more important today than it has ever been. As retirees we are much healthier, much more active and can expect to live much longer – a whole new phase of life and opportunity is opening up. Unlike other phases of life, this time there are far fewer constraints! However how you spend 40-50 hours of extra leisure time a week, on top of previous leisure time, and make the most of it, is also a huge challenge as well as a great opportunity.

Here on LaterLife we provide access to information and resources to enable you to improve your enjoyment of retirement. Start with our guide on 'Why Plan for Retirement?' which covers:  Essentials of Retirement, Initial Planning, To work or not to work, Finance and Fitness, Other aspects of retirement planning. Then take a look at our other guides When to retire, Early Retirement, and What to do in retirement


Enjoying Retirement

Warner Just for Adults - Short breaks in retirementRetirement is a time of limitless opportunity! Everything on the LaterLife site is aimed at contributing to enjoyment of your later life and achieving a balanced retirement, but here we cover some specific topics from Using your time to taking up new Hobbies and Interests and Extra holidays and breaks. Are you aware of Long Stay holidays for example and how cheap they can be?

Staying fit and healthy in later life both physically and mentally are two of the essentials of retirement. You'll find lots of valuable ideas in our Guide to staying fit and healthy and in our health section which carries new health articles every month.

For many people part of enjoying later life may include some working, either paid or Voluntary.  It may also be the time to start that business that you always wanted to.  There's plenty of help and opportunity around if you know where to look. Take a look at our original work and retirement survey too, to see what others think. (Subsequent repetitions of this survey have shown very similar results).

Retirement is a landmark event and once retired there are plenty of reasons to celebrate so don't miss the sections on retirement gifts and guide to organising a party



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